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Weight or Body-Composition For Peak Fitness

Healthy Person

As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer i can ascertain that although widely thought the way a person looks is not always the way they feel, or a true barometer of their health. Weight and body composition are widely misunderstood, as one is not automatically an indication of the other. A person can look ‘slim’ but


Happy New Year!

The year is young and many of you reading this article may have already set fitness goals for the New Year, some to gain information from a personal trainer to lose body fat (different than scale weight),and some for a vacation, or others to get better at a sport, participate in a marathon etc. Congratulations!

Staying On Your Fitness GPS During Christmas

Stay on your Fitness GPS

The Christmas festivities are a glorious time of the year, but at the same time present challenges both to the scale and our waistlines! Many of you wish to lose weight or maintain your current figure without the definitive need for a Los Angeles personal trainer, and I intend to help. Most of these challenges

Client D. – Personal Training Testimonial

Daryl Butler Personal Training

I wasn’t sure what to expect after I signed up for a personal trainer. I’ve heard various points of view on the value and the results. I was sure I didn’t want the “come on, one more rep” type experience, nor did I want the “find your inner strength” Zen type experience. simply put I

Why Use Foam Rollers?


Foam rollers are great for myofascial  release and massaging tight muscles, at the same time as breaking down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. The soft connective tissue just under the skin, brings together the muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves of the anatomy. The myofascial system refers to muscle and fascia. The fascia and

Enhanced Performance Personal Training For Athletes

Performance Training for Athletes

It has long been a flaw with most performance training programs, that they are based on conventional bodybuilding programs, developed to add as much muscle mass as possible to a subject. The idea is that more is better and it that it will translate into better athletic performance. While a client’s body may improve in

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Why You Need One

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

There are many reasons to hire an expert Personal Trainer. I am sure that you see many people coming into the gym, not getting results, or getting demoralized due to injury, and or boredom of doing the same thing over and over. In order for us to get better in anything, we must do what

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group for Bodybuilding

Body Building

There are lots of reasons to become involved in bodybuilding. Among those are health reasons and to achieve overall fitness. No matter what the initial reason is for beginning the sport, it needs to be done correctly to reap the most benefits. A healthy regime will include weight training, cardio training, and any number of