“The Pitfalls To Not Eating Breakfast”.

‘THE PITFALLS OF NOT EATING BREAKFAST’ In this modern day the concept of a ‘perfect home-life’ with Mum cooking breakfast has long gone, instead being a meal that is commonly skipped altogether, due to a learned behavior forced upon most by the stress and pressures of everyday life in 2012! The practice of skipping breakfast

Kre-Alkalyn or Creatine Monohydrate.

KRE- ALKALYN v CREATINE MONOHYDRATE. Creatine first came into the mainstream commercial marketplace place in 1993, and has since then been the most successful supplement to be launched to this day! It was originally discovered as a by product of meat, by a French scientist, named Chevreul back in 1832. In 1912, various researchers at

Is Your Lifestyle Risking Diabetes?

” IS YOUR LIFESTYLE RISKING DIABETES’? The most recent research from the University of Missouri indicates that Type 2 diabetes is continuing to grow at alarming rates with 26 million sufferers and 79 million Americans on the verge. That is 1 in every 4 Americans being impacted by this lifestyle induced disease. The sad misconception

Alcohol and Fat Burning


Regular alcohol consumption will limit or stop your weight loss results altogether. Drinking alcohol and going to the gym, is like cleaning your carpets and then running round your home with muddy hiking boots. When there is alcohol present in your system, the liver prioritizes getting rid of the toxins (alcohol) first, and therefore slows

Exercise Is Good – Even When You Think It’s Not


Hi Friends, I hope that you are all outstanding, and living each day with gratitude and purpose. We come around once and often the art of living takes so long to learn,but the life is so short. With this month’s newsletter i want to bring to your attention the benefits of exercise when you would

Parkour Training

Parkour Training

Parkour, training was started by David Belle, a gymnast that saw a vision for developing a training modal that can be used in the great outdoors, without the use of expensive, often less functional gym equipment. The skill (a traceur) involves the skill of moving and negotiating objects in a loose freestyle format .It can

Do You Want Sharp Abs For Summer? Cut Out Dairy Now!

SIx Pack Abs

With Summer Fast Approaching! Now Is The Time To Sharpen That Mid-Section. The Truth About Dairy And Your 6 Pack? I get many emails, and questions from potential clients/people who say they eat a ‘healthy diet’. When I ask them how they eat on a typical day, many times it is not healthy at all.

Are You Risking Your Health by Doing This?

Health Risk

A National Health Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2009, made estimates on a comprehensive range of health factors governing the health of the US population. Estimates were made for various widespread chronic illnesses, also mental health, functional limitations, general health , access to health care and lifestyle. One aspect