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Scientists Have Found Fat Helps you Lose Weight


As a Personal Trainer Los Angeles I teach that sometimes in life the very things we avoid are the ones that can help us the most, as It might turn out to be the case in our constant battle with the bulge, that the best weapon against fat could be fat. It has been revealed

Salt…Can You Get Too Much?

How much is too much salt?

Salt is everywhere in our diet, it is hard to avoid as all the food in our modern day fast food culture is loaded with it! We are encouraged to eat “fat -free”, “low cholesterol” low this and that, but we don’t hear much about salt? There are no calories in it, so what’s the

To Get In Shape, You Need an In-Shape Mindset

Mindset to Fitness

Becoming fit and healthy doesn’t start with your bathroom scales, a diet program, or a workout routine. Becoming fit and healthy begins in your head. Your thoughts control your pathway to fitness, feeling good about yourself, and being healthy. How you think about yourself and how you feel about food are just as important as

Pharmaceuticals Vs. Natural Supplements

Natural Suppliments

In our modern day pharmaceuticals are just about as the norm in everyday life as brushing your teeth. There is a drug for everything, cholesterol, blood pressure, appetite reduction, pain in the joints, even one when you feel blue:{ The whole idea of the pharmaceutical industry wanting to give us a better quality of life

Food Labels Exposed

Food Label

I hope that you are all doing outstanding and that your New Year is going great! I have been working on my new book ” Get Out Of Mind Jail- End Presumptive Thinking”. Wether it’s in my capacity of being a Los Angeles Personal Trainer, motivational writer/speaker, my goal is to be the best version

The Truth About Fruit

The Truth About Fruit

As an expert Personal Trainer Los Angeles  I will get straight to the point in this article, fruit is a sugar (fructose) and like any other sugar it raises yout insulin level (blood sugar), and if not used or utilized for energy gets stored as fat. Will you get overweight?… Yes if you eat more fruit than you burn

Weight or Body-Composition For Peak Fitness

Healthy Person

As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer i can ascertain that although widely thought the way a person looks is not always the way they feel, or a true barometer of their health. Weight and body composition are widely misunderstood, as one is not automatically an indication of the other. A person can look ‘slim’ but

Why Meal Timing is Important

Healthy Meal

As A Los Angeles Personal Trainer i would like to inform you of the important fundamental thing you need regardless of your fitness goals, be they losing weight, gaining weight, or increasing athletic performance and that is proper nutrition. In order to keep your metabolism working to optimum levels, and at the same time anti-catabolic,