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Empower 2012 to Be Beyond Horizons


Happy New Year To You Friends! I view 2012 as being a landmark year, as December 21st 2012 is promoted by the Dark forces in this world as being the end… while the Light views it as the beginning of a New World Age! This époque only occurs about once every (5) cycles of 5,125

December Newsletter: Christmas 411

Christmas 411

Hi friends, The yule time season has come, this special time of year to renew the heart and spirit with a delight that resides within, as opposed to things outside of ourselves. Not all of us have time for a personal trainer in Los Angeles, and that’s understandable. Regardless though, it’s the time of un-rushed

How Much Protein Do You Need? – November Newsletter


Hi friends, It is holiday season once again! Don’t you just love the colors that Halloween brings, burgundies, orange glows, and a wonderful tapestry of warm smells and spirit. The holidays are blessed, and we don’t all have time for a Los Angeles personal trainer like myself, but then again so is every day special, unique and

Hyaluronic Acid – October Newsletter


The Fall season is well and truly here folks! Like any other change it brings many different blessings with it. Many don’t give thought to hiring a personal trainer in Marina Del Rey like myself, but there is always time for change. The green of summer’s flora and fauna turns to a myriad of color, golds, oranges and various

September 2011 – Knee Clicking


I hope that your Summer way exceeded your expectations, and that you enjoyed every second even though the weather in LA was not that of a typical August. As a Los Angeles personal trainer, I am routinely in a gym or similar place, and I experienced quite a bit of heat myself. It is good to be

August 2011 – How to Burn Fat By Eating

Lose Weight by Eating

Hi friends, Hello once again! it’s already August, where did Summer go you may ask? The season of long days with BBQs and meals by the poolside! I will write some more spiritual material for the September newsletter, but for this one it’s what we all like to do… eat eat eat!!! Can You Burn

July 2011 – Chemtrails


Hi friends, I hope that you have all been enjoying the NOW, as when tomorrow comes it will be just another version of NOW. It’s all about living in and maximizing the present moment. I was doing that just recently on a trip to Las Vegas, in enjoying a brisk 12 mile Power-walk on a

The Madrid Fault Line – June 2011 Newsletter

the madrid fault line

Hi friends, ‘Happy summer to you all’! I hope that you have all been better than great! This month instead of ‘talking’ to you about fitness, as you can get an abundant supply of that on my website’s blog, I am going to talk about something which is of utmost importance… our Universe! Have you