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Stitches Why You Get Then & How To Prevent Them


As an expert Personal Trainer Los Angeles i get asked about stitches all the time, so i felt i wanted to address the cause, prevention and cure of these unpleasant things! The most common, a “side stitch” is a sharp, intense pain under the lower edge of the ribcage caused by a muscle spasm of

September 2011 – Knee Clicking


I hope that your Summer way exceeded your expectations, and that you enjoyed every second even though the weather in LA was not that of a typical August. As a Los Angeles personal trainer, I am routinely in a gym or similar place, and I experienced quite a bit of heat myself. It is good to be

Is 2012 Armageddon?


Hello Friends, How are you all? There are some great times to look forward to on these blessed, long summer days! I want to share my current thoughts with you… As you may realize we are experiencing a kind of worldwide ‘Armageddon’ right now. There is more change and tumult in the World today, than