Enhanced Performance Personal Training For Athletes

Performance Training for Athletes

It has long been a flaw with most performance training programs, that they are based on conventional bodybuilding programs, developed to add as much muscle mass as possible to a subject. The idea is that more is better and it that it will translate into better athletic performance. While a client’s body may improve in esthetics, it will do nothing to enhance their functional ability in their respective sport.

Many performance training programs include several exercises for individual body parts, with the emphasis on isolating each muscle group trained, using body mechanics unlikely to be performed in any sporting activity. Getting stronger at these movements, in most cases does not translate into more efficient functional strength required in a subject’s particular sport. Size is not a key to enhanced sporting performance, as much as the functional ability of an individual , in their specific sport.

A personal training program that uses non-functional exercises, such as seated exercises, on machines , single muscles in isolation, will not trigger the core muscles to stabilize, hence will use less muscles and burn fewer calories.

For example:

Non- Functional Functional
Bench press Push-up
Cable pushdown Chin or Pull Up
Leg press Squat
Tricep pushdown Tricep dip


What is functional training?

The answer put simply, is get stronger performing an activity that you need to get stronger in performing. Functional training has become a buzzword over the last several years in training studios, and other more cutting edge facilities around the world. In fact it has become a household term.

What is function?

The body only knows movements as it relates to function.

Functional is integrated training, using multiple directions (Multi- planar) movements that involve stabilization, acceleration and deceleration.

The best way for me to put it in comprehensive terms, is to describe it as being integrated training to achieve more effective movement patterns. It stimulates the body to work as a synergistic moving piece, resulting in a body that can perform at a higher level in sports, as it functions with balance, and not the rigidity associated with most personal training. Functional enhanced performance personal training puts the the focus on increasing strength, flexibility,endurance, speed and agility.

An enhanced performance personal trainer would not only improve an athlete’s performance, but the average person develop strength and balance that will aid everyday activities, carrying a child, standing on a ladder to reach up and get an object off a high shelf. A PERSONAL TRAINER that thinks out of the box, will guide athletes and everyday folk alike, in the direction of having a balanced body, that aids their everyday body functionality. An Advanced performance personal trainer program also aids in correct activation of the musculoskeletal system, by stimulating the more efficient functioning of the nervous system.

The Key benefits of functional personal training:

Everyday activities:

Functional PERSONAL TRAINING improves everyday life, by improving the body’s ability to function in a synergistic, integrated way, by improving agility, and balance at the same time as strength.

Stronger back (less pain)

Weak core muscles are one of the key contributors to our modern day bad back epidemic. Functional training will dramatically improve these weak areas.

Burn more calories

FUNCTIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING triggers more muscles to be used when performing a movement = BURNS MORE CALORIES.

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