Total Transformation for Weight Loss


You’ve probably clicked onto this article because you feel tired, depressed as nothing you do appears to work, do not feel good about your body image, or seem to keep pilling the weight on regardless of what you do or try???

You’ve tried Jenny Craig, Curves, this cookie- that drink- wow the list goes on and on, the only thing that seems to lose weight is your pocket book!!! Well… look no further as i have dedicated my life to being the best facilitator, coach and nutrition/ supplement expert i can be , through my many years of experience i am now in a position to pass it ALL on to you! I can help you lose 1 lb or 100lbs, my techniques can assist you to go way beyond what you have achieved, or thought possible.



Let’s clarify the facts. It is harder for women to lose fat and get in optimum shape than it is for men. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is not a expert in the area of women and weight loss, or they are trying to sell some fancy fat loss trick to lighten your pocket book and not the scales.

Women’s lack of muscle mass and key hormone production of men, two important factors necessary to release the fat and keep it off permanently. I have worked with many women to prepare them for everything from , movie roles, photo shoots, reunions , beach vacations and weddings. I have the expertise and know what works, the “secrets” to maximize female fat loss, and the trails and challenges that they can face on their quest to get in the shape of their life’s. I can channel their Mind Set to work to their advantage to empower them, to stay committed and patient enough to reach their goal, and beyond! To that end, after the success of my original six-week accelerated fat loss program, a plan that is still extremely popular, i have developed a unique eight-week nutrition, supplement and training program exclusively for women who are committed to attaining great results! Promises are easy to make, but for those of you who are willing to work hard and follow my instructions exactly, you can totally transform your body, once and for all! Big claims, i know, but you can check female fat loss, and the specific results of body contouring on this page, and throughout this website to see great results again and again.

Let’s also rid ourselves of the myth that resistance training builds bulky bodies!

My blueprint for female fat loss is based on both research of scientifically proven methods to stimulate fat burning hormones, and years of experience in the business of motivating/ coaching women to get the results of their dreams! The Total Transformation Fat Loss program for women can be so effective, that it can be customized to the objectives of any woman, whether to get rid of the last few stubborn pounds or to look good at a special event or to lose weight after pregnancy. Check out how Helain lost more than 88pounds.

Would you believe by looking at the picture on the left that Helain enjoyed doing cardio training almost every day?

The knowledge i have gained in helping people lose body fat for physical competitions, or to look good for a magazine cover are a useful blueprint for developing specific programs specializing in women’s fat loss. But the important point to consider that working with men, no matter how dramatic the transformation is (like Mark’s pictures below this paragraph!), it is not the same when working with women. I have taken into account a wide range of factors that are particularly important when optimizing the female physique.

Mark made this remarkable Total Transformation in just 22 weeks. For any woman, this dramatic type of change is almost impossible, but the lessons you can learn will still be life changing and permanent!

Some of the specific issues that women identify with that are addressed on my Total Transformation fat loss program include:


Metabolic Renewal

Too many women have spent hours and hours running, cross training, spinning classes, you name it and at the same time starving themselves with so little food that it would not feed a bird! The end result is closing off key fat burning hormones like leptin and ghrelin, with the possibility of damage to the thyroid gland and thyroid function and hence metabolism. I have seen 100s of women come to me after achieving short-term weight loss success using liquid diets and intensive cardio only to gain even more weight than when they first started when they return to their previous habits! The goal in these cases is to ensure the renewal of the metabolism so you can be an example of a trim, healthy and energetic person, and to not be afraid to go out with friends and eat the odd bit of “junk food”! Life is short and the key here is to learn to eat, and exercise the right way so that your body becomes a live fat burning machine. To place yourself in this position to lose weight, or worse still keep your current weight by starving yourself until you almost pass out from weakness as a result of your low caloric intake, goes against all that i strive to teach when it comes to fat loss women!


Eliminating the Fat Loss Mythology For Women

Here is an example of bad habits and the myths i encounter on a regular basis – jump on the treadmill, eating low fat, 5 servings of fruit per day, yogurt and muesli for breakfast and lowfat soyLatte and an orange at 11:00 , taking fat burning supplements ,incidentally that are not as dangerous as the alarmists would have us believe, but certainly not the best choice to lose fat fast, safely or effectively long term – especially for women. This is a very common practice, but very wrong!

Unfortunately, the whole mythology has arisen regarding fat loss for women that if they do anything like men, they will become less feminine. A magazine actually has written that protein is important for men only and has no relevance to the diet of a woman. In reality, there are some different specifics that are necessary to take to lose weight for women as opposed to men. Both are nonetheless of the same species and certain standards cross over from male to female. I will teach you the specifics, along with the tricks and tips that will be of additional relevance for women regarding their fat loss needs.

A sufficient intake of protein and gym work should help to create a sleek, toned body, like the fitness competitor Ellie.


Liver detoxification

This can be a very complex issue, but it is one of the reasons i have found fat loss in women to be more difficult than their male counterparts. Very succinctly put the liver detoxifies scores of foreign estrogens that flood our bodies in today’s toxic planet. Excess estrogen from any source affects liver function and fat loss ends abruptly. In some cases, liver detoxification if done gently and gradually using of a range of modalities, most commonly emphasized in natural medicine can end estrogen issues permanently. The end result is that once the liver is detoxified estrogen effects are minimized, and the female body can achieve the right kind of weight loss much more quickly and easily.


Premenstrual Challenges ( FOR WOMEN)

Whether it is water retention, irritability, sugar cravings or all three at the same time, premenstrual problems can sabotage your fat loss goals. I address these issues point blank and utilize multiple blueprints and specific nutritional supplements to help relieve PMS and for you to stay on track to achieve the body of your dreams!


Take note cardio junkies!

Ask yourself – do you know a number of women who always go to the gym, spend all of their time on cardio machines and dance classes, and never seem to drop an ounce of weight? Chances are that almost all your friends attending the gym fall into this category. Now, i will not say that cardio is bad, the human body is always too complicated to adopt a radicle view like that, but i strive to show women the right way to use their time in the gym for lasting results.

If you read enough on this web site you can see that strength training is the way forward for most. Sports and science performance of conditioning has developed at an unprecedented rate since 1990 and the latest research on fat loss, which Total Transformation Fat Loss For Women is based on, means you lose more fat faster than ever while improving the body composition and shape of your whole body.

Fat loss must go hand in hand with better shape and tone – which only the combination of a proper diet and exercise program can give you.

The exact nature and focus on our training for fat loss is shown to burn calories long after leaving the gym. Traditional workouts burn fat while you exercise, but as soon as you get out on street your body reverts back to a normal metabolic rate.. With the application of proven scientific techniques i can ensure that your metabolism remains high, and therefore, continues to burn body fat for up to 24 hours after you finish exercising! One thing that all our female clients comment on after the first fat burning workout is how hours later, they feel amazingly alive, “walking on air” and often “overwhelmingly hungry”! All wonderful signals that their metabolism has been stimulated to a level never before experienced.

Female hormonal modulation problem areas – thighs, hips, buttocks and rear upper arms area;

Using the standard from studies and experience i have gained from the many years of training female clients, i am able to accurately assess the hormonal imbalances that you amy have. By assessing and comparing where you have stored fat in your body, gives me a blueprint for the hormones used as the basis for a set specific nutrition and supplement base. If it sounds a bit like hocus pocus to you, then think about why fat is stored in different places on one of your friends, and then think about why only a handful of men store fat in any way similar with any woman you known. This is due to hormonal differences, and once these have been recognized , i can begin to address them with modern science.


The Bottom Line

As the Total Transformation philosophy has grown it has been defined to the extent that it is now a complete blueprint that will strip the fat, and change the body and shape, hence life of any woman regardless of her current metabolism or starting point! My reputation in this field often brings me customers that no one else will help. They have tried everything, becoming desperate in their attempts to be in good shape for the first time in their lives. The people who once were considered “people who have no hope” are satisfied with the results in the Total Transformation program? Well put it this way, i’ve had hundreds of female customers who were very satisfied, and only a handful of dissatisfied customers, as i cannot claim to be able to help women who don’t stick to the blueprint, or who are lazy or tardy to consistently make the dedicated effort that it takes to reach their goals. My programs can be hard work and requires a Mind Set change, to ultimately improve your health as well your life habits. I want customers who want something special and not normal, and i in turn can help you get results like this:


Shannon lost 32lbs body weight in just 12 weeks, and fabulous body fat dropped by 13% (in real terms loss of 20.5kg / 45 pounds of fat actually) to reveal a completely new body!


Plan consists of eight weeks Female Fat Loss follows:

Initial assessment and consultation
The Total Transformation is the fastest way to burn fat and lose weight, because it is tailored to your own body fat composition and hormonal issues. The supplemental/ nutritional program will be specific to your special circumstances and needs.

You will be required to fill in an assessment questionnaire on health and fitness, and previous exercise experience and your medical history, to help you better understand exactly how i structure your fat loss program to function in your way of life and individual circumstances.

In addition, you will receive a body composition analysis with estimated percentage body fat / weight / and critical body measurements.


Nutrition Consultation
You should keep a food diary of exactly what you eat during a regular week. Therefore the accuracy can be explored on a large scale of your eating habits and positive individual changes to the way you eat, rather than making general statements that may not be specific to you.

My plans for promoting fat loss are made with strict blueprints to fit in with your needs and lifestyle. and not via versa! My clients get nutritional programs that are very customized to their goals for eating modification, and give guidelines for the (8) week program. Why go to such great lengths? The answer is straightforward – i like to be able to say exactly what changes you can expect from an eight-week commitment with us. We do not wish to leave anything to luck.
Depending on your exact goals, i set up a complete supplement schedule to cover your needs comprehensively.


Design of fat loss exercise program
Based on data collected from your initial consultation i can then build a weight loss / fat loss program for you based on your individual needs. This is a eight-week plan as designed to improve your conditioning and you will burn fat and speed up your metabolism right from the first training session.

I also include the information assessed during the initial assessments, and a plan that takes into account the structural imbalances / muscular weaknesses and correcting them through balancing and modification.


Training Sessions
You will train with a Personal Trainer three times a week for eight weeks. In addition you will perform 3/4 hours of cardio training each week.

I place very close attention to detail in everything you do, from exercise constantly monitoring your form, fitness and progress, and Mind Set “in the gym,” part of my service as a combination of motivator, facilitator, and role model.


Your Part
I have worked very hard in gaining my reputation, and will not do anything to compromise my reputation as a expert in the field of fat loss. Unlike most personal trainers who take on any client, no matter how shaky their commitment, i am very selective about who a take on as a client, and prefer to work with those that are serious about taking on the challenge.

Dedicate yourself to train with me (3) times per week, and i will dedicate myself to you! There are always legitimate reasons not to exercise, but seldom will there be a day that you cannot find a small amount of time for a period of eight weeks in the journey of life.

Leave the alcohol, wheat and processed out of your diet at least for the initial 30 days of your Total Transformation program.

Accept that you should follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of what makes the operation of the program successful from food intake to exercise must be exactly as the blueprint. The other 20% can be put down to life’s intangibles.

Give 100% effort with the program and always maintain a positive Mind Set. Fat burning is not easy, but if you accept that you will find it enjoyable, challenging, rewarding and full.

If you are truly ready to make this life change, then Total Transformation is your final and only attempt needed for a NEW YOU.


What to expect from the Total Transformation Program:

  • Significant loss of fat in 21 days
  • Renewed energy and zest for life. You will feel young and alive!
  • Improved skin tone and appearance as a result of a diet clean and free from toxins.
  • A firmer and more feminine body shape.
  • Better sleep patterns/ moods/ well being.
  • After eight weeks, a better self image – you will LIKE YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU SEE WILL MAKE YOU SMILE!!!
  • A WOW what happened look from friends and colleagues!
  • Added expenses as you start to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Results below were achieved in only 6 weeks – a significant decrease of 8.5% body fat, a new physical form and great shopping trip for new clothes!


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