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What Makes People More Successful?

Healthy People

People who are successful, are successful for a reason, there is no magic, but a certain mindset together with action steps that makes a formula for moving forward and getting better every day in the things that they do. Some of these things are strategies, and can be incorporated into your daily life if they

A pledge of dedication to his craft, by celebrity Personal Trainer In Los Angeles Nicholas Barrett

Nicholas Barrett

“If you truly want to have what you have not had before, you must do what you have not done before”. “Everyday strive to be the new best version of yourself” There are no other statements that sum up my philosophy to life more than the two above. I constantly strive to give all my

To Get In Shape, You Need an In-Shape Mindset

Mindset to Fitness

Becoming fit and healthy doesn’t start with your bathroom scales, a diet program, or a workout routine. Becoming fit and healthy begins in your head. Your thoughts control your pathway to fitness, feeling good about yourself, and being healthy. How you think about yourself and how you feel about food are just as important as

Maximize Your Unlimited Human Potential in 2012

Unlimit Your Potential

The limits of your human potential are largely psychological not physiological, meaning being governed by your own individual mindset, or Mind ‘Tevo’. As  a personal trainer in Los Angeles, I’ve realized that physically, most of us are born with the ability to do, and perform the same things. We can all participate in Marathons, have

The Importance of Fulfilling Your Purpose

This month I want to talk about a life of purpose. Our time is determined by fate, however out destiny can be shaped by the way we chose to live our life’s. In order to establish our individual calling, we must tap Into our individual gifts. We ALL must discover our purpose in life.  If

How to Make Better Goals for Diet and Exercise

Don’t make the usual New Year’s resolutions- instead resolve to make the New Year better 365! New Year’s resolutions are good to refocus and form better serving habits, but not rely on the New Year’s Eve chimes of midnight to make life-changing decisions. On the 1st of January every year people decide to lose weight,

How To Unlock Your Limitless Potential

Hi friends, how are you all doing? Summer this year has almost passed without a trace? We may find it in September/October… Always good to stay in shape and poolside ready! This month we’re going to talk about an area that we all have in abundance…potential. When we are brought onto this earth, we are

How To Plan Your Weight Loss Journey

Hi Guys, So Summer finally came! Yeah!!! I hope you are all drinking the extra H20 mentioned in July’s newsletter! Let’s look at our fitness or any other goals as a journey. We all want to go from point A to B with our goals and it is important to remember that there will always be