Exercise Is Good – Even When You Think It’s Not


Hi Friends, I hope that you are all outstanding, and living each day with gratitude and purpose. We come around once and often the art of living takes so long to learn,but the life is so short. With this month’s newsletter i want to bring to your attention the benefits of exercise when you would least expect them.

I have long touted the great benefits of a regular exercise program, as it’s the best natural medicine there is, offering a multitude of benefits such as, anti-aging, a sharper mind, better moods, increase immune system, better bone density, and prevention of many of the modern day epidemic of diseases.

As a Personal Trainer Los Angeles i hear many misconceptions about the “wrong” time to engage in exercise, with some thinking when you are pregnant, or have high blood pressure, that you should avoid exercise.

The fact of the matter, is that exercise is almost always the best option in any scenario, and folk are actually making their journey in life harder than if they did something, as opposed to deciding that the couch potato option is for them!

When you have a cold

Most people think that as soon as you get a cold that you should stop exercising, when in actual fact it is fine and may improve the way that you feel, and even help speed up the metabolization of the cold. The only time it becomes best to stop exercising is when you have a lower respiratory tract infection.

Numerous recent studies have also shown that regular light to moderate exercise may even raise the body’s immune system to fight and prevent colds. Exercise increases the immune cells by as much as 50%- 300%.

The studies in Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews states that over-training can suppress your immunity, so that moderate exercise is best while you feel below par.

“Prolonged intense exercise causes immunosuppression, whereas moderate-intensity exercise improves immune function and potentially reduces risk and severity of respiratory viral infections.”

The idea is to train within your limits during this time, and keep it to a sensible level.
A study showed that people who were on a regular exercise regimen decreased their risk of having a cold by more than 50% per cent. At such times as they did get a cold or flu it was much less severe and lasted a lot shorter than in people with no regular exercise routine, as a result of increased immune function in trained people.

When you have a headache

Ever wondered if you should exercise with a headache? Exercise and fitness can help reduce headaches in the long run. Whilst there are cases of exertion induced headaches, people with more regular or migraine headaches can actually benefit from getting in shape. This is because exercise releases endomorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers. Other benefits of exercise for reducing headaches are:

  • Reduced muscle tension and tiredness
  • Improving blood flow to your brain
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Block “bad” chemicals that are major contributors to migraines
  • Enhanced digestion and toxin metabolization

Exercising when pregnant

Some old fashioned doctors abscond any type of physical activity during pregnancy, instead promoting the “couch potato” approach, which results in gaining tons of unnecessary weight and feeling like a slug. In reality there are many pregnancy- safe workout routines that can be done during this time. The benefits of maintaining an exercise during this time are many, some being:

  • Fewer associated backaches
  • Enhanced sleep patterns
  • Better moods due to endorphin release
  • Weight control/management
  • The better shape you are in, the better shape the baby will be in at birth
  • Better recovery postpartum

Arthritis and joint pain

If you are like most people when you experience any type of joint pain, you almost certainly reduce or stop exercise altogether. Well in actual fact you may be doing yourself more harm than good! Lets examine why?

  • Exercise is the best thing to do for arthritis
  • Exercise strengthens and conditions the muscles around the joints
  • Exercise manages weight and therefore helps you put less stress on the joints

Many people are under the misconception that exercise will aggravate their joint pain, when in actual fact it’s far to the contrary. The main reason is that exercise ensures that muscles and their surrounding connective tissue are in optimum condition, This supports the bones and puts less stress on the joints.

The choice of which exercises to do or avoid are more crucial if you are currently/or at any time in the future suffering from arthritis or joint pain, and it is best to consult with an expert Los Angeles Personal Trainer in setting up the best program for you. These would include range of motion and agility training- Strength training- cardiovascular exercise.

How about improving your life quality and starting a regular exercise program, if you are not already?

There is widespread consensus that exercising is the best solution to keeping the doctor with his/her prescription medications away, and also in creating the fundamental foundation to build a healthy, flourishing life. Whether it’s in disease prevention, anti-aging, or just staying physically and mentally at the top of your game, exercise scores 10 out of 10 every time. You may invest in plastic surgery, expensive holidays, but the only thing that can enhance your life and longevity is exercise, and compared to those aforementioned things is practically free!!

There is no better time to start making exercise a regular part of your lifestyle than today. It does not matter how young or old you may think of yourself, as exercise at any age offers abundant benefits.

No matter what your current condition or limitations are, do firstly what is possible, then necessary, and then very soon you will be doing what you thought to be impossible!

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