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Core Training Vs. Training Machines

Core Training

Most people wanting to get into better shape, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, or get conditioned for a specific sport, at some point join a gym. When joining a popular gym you are then offered an initiation to the ‘equipment’ or machines. This involves meeting one of their personal trainers, who will

Alternative Protein


I want to address the often confusing topic of protein requirements for healthy, active lifestyles. In recent years there has been a shift from the often unconscious eating of animal protein, to an alternative way of finding a replacement for our needs. The modern day American diet high in beef protein, which due to it’s

Why Include Strength/Weight Training In Your Fitness Program In 2012

Strength Training

Strength/ weight training is the foundation of any structured exercise program, and the only training modal that ensures muscle mass maintenance, preventing aging and atrophy. It is overlooked by many as it is looked upon as something associated with ‘getting big’! This is an old misguided attitude, but as with most of them is deeply

Fitness Training: Why Do Muscles Burn?

fitness training

We have probably all during our fitness training sessions felt a burning feeling, or sensation in our muscles right? The most common response to this would be that we think it is lactic acid? Not so … An article published in IDEA Fitness Journal (2005), suggested that the body does not produce lactic acid, but

Enhanced Performance Personal Training For Athletes

Performance Training for Athletes

It has long been a flaw with most performance training programs, that they are based on conventional bodybuilding programs, developed to add as much muscle mass as possible to a subject. The idea is that more is better and it that it will translate into better athletic performance. While a client’s body may improve in

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Why You Need One

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

There are many reasons to hire an expert Personal Trainer. I am sure that you see many people coming into the gym, not getting results, or getting demoralized due to injury, and or boredom of doing the same thing over and over. In order for us to get better in anything, we must do what

The Truth About Protein Shakes

Protein Shake

Hello Friends, hope you are great and enjoying the journey. I get asked about fast and easy snacks everyday, and want to take this opportunity to shed some light in this area. I hope this will help answer any questions you may have about protein shakes, for use as mid-am/pm snacks(not meals)!. Protein Shakes: Good

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group for Bodybuilding

Body Building

There are lots of reasons to become involved in bodybuilding. Among those are health reasons and to achieve overall fitness. No matter what the initial reason is for beginning the sport, it needs to be done correctly to reap the most benefits. A healthy regime will include weight training, cardio training, and any number of