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Food And Body Fat

fattening foods

We all know the secret to weight loss is dieting and exercise, but in addition to exercising and following any variation of fitness regimen, food plays a crucial role in attaining the results you want. A diet high in protein and fiber are the optimum foods to eat if your goals are to lose body

Why To Avoid Sugar In Your Diet

Avoid Sugar in your Diet

It is hard to imagine that in our sophisticated modern day, with IPads, Android phones and the like, that many foods commonly eaten in our daily diet can pose a health risk for both men an women alike. This will surprise you as it not only includes ‘fast food’ or ‘junk food’, but many of

Factors That Contribute To Obesity

Happy February! It’s the month of “love” once again, and hopefully you are all being loving to yourselves by eating, training and making the best choices that you all can for your bodies! There are many things in society today that are not the best choices for our optimum health and fitness. They trap us with their

High Glycemic Diets – What To Avoid

The high glycemic ‘modern-day’ diet is holding many of us back…I want to share some secrets to getting and staying leaner. If you’re like most people in our modern day society, like millions of other people you have difficulty losing weight, you probably engage in two common behaviors. Your appetite is up and down,especially your