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Exercise Is Good – Even When You Think It’s Not


Hi Friends, I hope that you are all outstanding, and living each day with gratitude and purpose. We come around once and often the art of living takes so long to learn,but the life is so short. With this month’s newsletter i want to bring to your attention the benefits of exercise when you would

Parkour Training

Parkour Training

Parkour, training was started by David Belle, a gymnast that saw a vision for developing a training modal that can be used in the great outdoors, without the use of expensive, often less functional gym equipment. The skill (a traceur) involves the skill of moving and negotiating objects in a loose freestyle format .It can

Why Does Exercise Make You Lose Weight?

Great Exercise

The common held conception is that the more you exercise the more you lose – right? Well partly so, but it is a little more complicated than that as i will convey in this article. As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer i am avidly in pursuit of research that can translate to better and more

Fitness Resolution Plan

Fitness Resolution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape? This could be with the help of an expert Los Angeles Personal Trainer, to get you on the right track for success with your body. If you made this decision for yourself in 2012, losing weight is always likely to be on top

Why Use Foam Rollers?


Foam rollers are great for myofascial  release and massaging tight muscles, at the same time as breaking down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. The soft connective tissue just under the skin, brings together the muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves of the anatomy. The myofascial system refers to muscle and fascia. The fascia and

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Why You Need One

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

There are many reasons to hire an expert Personal Trainer. I am sure that you see many people coming into the gym, not getting results, or getting demoralized due to injury, and or boredom of doing the same thing over and over. In order for us to get better in anything, we must do what

Staying In Shape During The Holidays

The Holiday Season, or the ‘Eating Season’ is well and truly upon us. The onslaught of social get togethers, and lavish meals occur more than at any other time of year. You will be relaxing with various relatives , either they visiting, or you them. With all the socializing and spending time with the kids,

Training Tips: The Key To The Best Abs You Have Ever Had

It’s November- once again the holiday season is upon us! How did that happen? This may be an opportune time to talk about abs- haha! You may have great biceps, but do you feel comfortable with your shirt off, and showing a tight abdominal wall?  The abdominal wall (core) are the key to long lasting fitness,