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Maximize Your Unlimited Human Potential in 2012

Unlimit Your Potential

The limits of your human potential are largely psychological not physiological, meaning being governed by your own individual mindset, or Mind ‘Tevo’. As ¬†a personal trainer in Los Angeles, I’ve realized that physically, most of us are born with the ability to do, and perform the same things. We can all participate in Marathons, have

July 2011 – Chemtrails


Hi friends, I hope that you have all been enjoying the NOW, as when tomorrow comes it will be just another version of NOW. It’s all about living in and maximizing the present moment. I was doing that just recently on a trip to Las Vegas, in enjoying a brisk 12 mile Power-walk on a

Why Use Foam Rollers?


Foam rollers are great for myofascial  release and massaging tight muscles, at the same time as breaking down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. The soft connective tissue just under the skin, brings together the muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves of the anatomy. The myofascial system refers to muscle and fascia. The fascia and

Fitness Training: Why Do Muscles Burn?

fitness training

We have probably all during our fitness training sessions felt a burning feeling, or sensation in our muscles right? The most common response to this would be that we think it is lactic acid? Not so … An article published in IDEA Fitness Journal (2005), suggested that the body does not produce lactic acid, but

The Effects Of Sleep On Your Health

Sweet dreams

Hi friends, Spring time is upon us once more! A time of new beginnings, and the omnipresence of the beauty of the Universe abounds. Whether you see it in the form of new born wildlife, the beauty in the myriad of colors from freshly bloomed flora and fauna, it’s hard to miss, it is everywhere!

Enhanced Performance Personal Training For Athletes

Performance Training for Athletes

It has long been a flaw with most performance training programs, that they are based on conventional bodybuilding programs, developed to add as much muscle mass as possible to a subject. The idea is that more is better and it that it will translate into better athletic performance. While a client’s body may improve in