8 Ways To Hit The Ground Running After Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

As you may be aware Thanksgiving is again just around the corner. The coming months are the busiest time of year for a personal trainer in Marina Del Rey like myself, but also for the airports, and you maybe one of those folks going away for the celebration. Probably like for most of us this period will center around food, lots of unhealthy, highly calorific food! I’m going to help you not get off track, so you don’t feel fat and tired after the festivities. As you know when we say we don’t have time , what we are really doing is kidding ourselves that we have no choice in the matter… Of course you do… Here are some suggestions as to what you can do to have fun, but not get too off track.

1.Making Yourself Healthier Will Translate To Being Able To Give More;
Adopt the MindSet that scheduling time to maintain your fitness will help make you a better host/ father or mother/ husband or wife/ person to be around during this time. Instead of allowing your fitness and personal well being to fall in the back seat to other “urgent” obligations, why not reconsider that – the better you are able to stay on course yourself the better you will be able to assist others.? Therefore, you should not feel selfish when you allocate time to exercise or attend a fitness class, but instead a way of giving to yourself so that you give the best version of yourself to others.

2. Stay On Track.
Maintain your regular exercise program, even if it’s just an abbreviated version. Anyone who enjoys the benefits of a regular exercise routine will tell you that it is much easier to keep up with your habit than it is to return to it after even a short break from the routine. To keep on track during the holiday period, make a special effort to set aside time by writing it into your planner each week. This may involve you getting up a half hour earlier than usual, or going on your lunch break, or straight after work to get a quick routine done! Even a 20 minute routine will be enough to maintain a habit and get you through this extra busy period, as it doesn’t need to be long, but needs to be consistent. It can be as simple as doing push-ups and sit-ups when you have put your kids to bed! When the holidays end you can return to your regular routine.

3. Use All The Resources Available To You.
If you don’t have time to go to your usual gym or exercise class, why not use on-line training, or pop in one of those great DVDs. This is the next best thing to do if your schedule doesn’t permit for you to go to a gym or class, and can be an excellent way to stay on course during this extra busy time of year. Many folk can be so motivated by them that they hit the ground running the 1st of the year.

4. Several short workouts per day can pay great dividends.
It is good not to underestimate the collective benefit of several short workouts per day, as they add up. – but work them hard! Doing short burst workouts is a tried and tested concept, and in fact, a 10- 15 minute workout can really be an effective option when pressed for time. It’s not how long you train but what you do within that timeframe that counts. Some folk can go to a gym for an hour and a half and get little result, or some can do a quick 15 intense circuit and get mind- blowing results! So during this period strategize and use your time wisely!

5.Be Prepared for outdoor workouts.
When your home is full of guests staying with you over the holidays, a jog, power-walk, or run can be a great way to keep in shape and get a much needed mental break at the same time. However, at this time of year you may be battling cold temperatures, so keep insulated Dri-fit type training apparel in an easy place to access, and several pairs of running shoes to make certain that you always have a dry pair, as it may be raining more often at this time of year. Do this and come back and be a more refreshed, fun host!

6. Keep it fun.
It always amazes me how many people are so stressed during this time, that they do not take time to enjoy the unique moments of this special time of year. Instead have an attitude that you are going to incorporate the holidays into your life, and not your life into the holidays. Big difference. Find time to spend a little time each day doing something that gives you pleasure, as you will still get all that needs to be done completed, but will have fun in the process. ENJOY.

7. Walk whenever you can.
Park a few blocks away from the store or mall when shopping, as you will be surprised how this can add up during the course of a week or month. Walk up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator. Move around your house as much as possible.

8. If you intend kicking off 2012 with a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION, start sawing the seeds in your mind now. It is important to set the intention to do something and keep reaffirming it in your thoughts, as this makes the likelihood of something happening far greater. If you rush into a decision on December 31st that could have life changing consequences, New Years Eve after a few drinks may not be the best time to rush to initiate such an important decision. This time is a great opportunity to take stock of your life and see what changes you may want to make to reach a goal. So this year start thing about the changes you want to make for 2012 NOW1

So don’t plan you life around your holidays, plan your holidays around your life. Keep up all the strides you have made with your fitness through the holidays, and then really go for it January 1st!

Are these the only 8 points to empower you to stay in shape over the holidays? Of course not! These are intended as tools to help you get through a time of year that most people go off course, and then have the hard uphill task of getting back on it the 1st of the year. My wish for you is two take from these tips what you will, and hit the ground running January 1st 2012.

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