Are Diet Pills a Waste of Money?

are diet pills a waste of money?

So you feel overweight? Well… That’s most of us in this fast pace, high stress world with ‘no time to eat’- so we know what that means,… all the worst choices! ‘Catch 22′. All though having a personal trainer in Los Angeles will help you on your diet, it is not always the right time to start a new relationship. I can help you out a bit.

We are looking for a ‘quick fix’ approach, and most of us want the hard work in the form of a pill…right?
Lets face it, in a modern day society that is lazy, and under pressure to look a certain way, the allure of a diet pill claiming to magically strip all the unwanted weight off our bodies will always be tempting!!!

Although diet ‘miracle’ pills have been around since the 1970s, advertised and used on a wide scale, the reality is that few of them actually work, are proven to be safe or even approved by the FDA.

Let us examine the facts without immediately writing them off with “presumptive thinking’. in each of the following cases let’s look at the benefit before looking at the downside, that will keep us staying open to the possibility of self- improvement.

Weight loss jump-start – or refocus

The diet pill is often able to help you lose an initial few pounds of weight, helping you to feel like you are on the journey of WEIGHT LOSS. They do this by suppressing your appetite and limiting food cravings, causing you to eat less, hence ingest fewer calories, and therefore lose weight. For some folk this inspires them to look at hiring a PERSONAL TRAINER ,making behavioral changes, lifestyle, or nutritional changes needed for consistent long-term weight loss.

Taking diet pills gives people a false sense of security, as they feel that is the only thing they need to do to get in shape. The danger is that they go from one gimmick to another, without ever changing their unhealthful habits to better ones. It is a lazy ‘cope-out’ that ultimately brings no reward, as no matter how effective your diet pill is, unless you change your lifestyle by incorporating better nutrition and exercise, you are going to regain any of the weight lost from the diet pills.

The benefits of certain weight loss pills, prescription or over-counter is that they can help you lose 5-10% of your total body weight, with the added benefits of reduced stress, lower blood pressure, less workload on the heart, and less risk of Diabetes Type2, the body’s inability to process glucose.

Diet ‘nutritional’ supplements are not governed by any quality control panel, unlike prescription weight loss that has to undergo various criteria to satisfy the FDA. It is very much a case of release the diet pill and see what happens approach with the abundance of over the counter products. If side-effects are subsequently reported, such as the case with Ephedra banned by the FDA in 1994. and Phen Phen banned in 1997, the products are then taken off the market, and hence off the shelf.

Common Side Effects
When using diet pills it is good to be aware of potential ill effects. One of the side effects of diet pills is that they inhibit the absorption of fat, that can lead to gastrointestinal side effects. By inhibiting fat intake , they can also lead to a deficiency of various vitamins, A, D, E, K, and in some cases beta-carotenes.
Other diet pill side effects may include: abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, dizziness, hypertension, and anxiety.

Some diet pills, especially prescription diet medications, work by serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine rueptake inhibition (SNDRI). To put their function in a ‘nutshell’, they make you feel good, so you don’t feel the need to overeat ‘high glycemic carbs’ to feel good, something most overweight people have a compulsion to do, due to the hormonal imbalance their eating style has created. READ MY ARTICLE ‘ YOUR CORTISOL COULD BE KEEPING YOU OVERWEIGHT’.

This type of diet pill could have some unfavorable ill effects, such as increased blood pressure, palpitations, joint disorders, and sleeplessness.


As with anything we chose to do in life, it is best to firstly consider the cause and effect. In the case of deciding to use diet pills, i would evaluate the benefits v side-effects, whether you are using them to jump start a WEIGHT LOSS program, or change of lifestyle,relying on them to do all the work, or if you are clinically obese.

Once you have answered one of the above, i would then set a time frame as to how long you plan on using them?

I have trained clients for WEIGHT LOSS ranging from 1lb- 104lbs, and the only way to achieve permanent weight loss is to change lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation and add exercise. As with all changes they can initially be hard, so hiring an experienced PERSONAL TRAINER to walk the journey with you can be invaluable.

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