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To Get In Shape, You Need an In-Shape Mindset

Mindset to Fitness

Becoming fit and healthy doesn’t start with your bathroom scales, a diet program, or a workout routine. Becoming fit and healthy begins in your head. Your thoughts control your pathway to fitness, feeling good about yourself, and being healthy. How you think about yourself and how you feel about food are just as important as

Maximize Your Unlimited Human Potential in 2012

Unlimit Your Potential

The limits of your human potential are largely psychological not physiological, meaning being governed by your own individual mindset, or Mind ‘Tevo’. As  a personal trainer in Los Angeles, I’ve realized that physically, most of us are born with the ability to do, and perform the same things. We can all participate in Marathons, have

Is 2012 Armageddon?


Hello Friends, How are you all? There are some great times to look forward to on these blessed, long summer days! I want to share my current thoughts with you… As you may realize we are experiencing a kind of worldwide ‘Armageddon’ right now. There is more change and tumult in the World today, than

How To Unlock Your Limitless Potential

Hi friends, how are you all doing? Summer this year has almost passed without a trace? We may find it in September/October… Always good to stay in shape and poolside ready! This month we’re going to talk about an area that we all have in abundance…potential. When we are brought onto this earth, we are