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The Importance of Fulfilling Your Purpose

This month I want to talk about a life of purpose. Our time is determined by fate, however out destiny can be shaped by the way we chose to live our life’s. In order to establish our individual calling, we must tap Into our individual gifts. We ALL must discover our purpose in life.  If

How to Make Better Goals for Diet and Exercise

Don’t make the usual New Year’s resolutions- instead resolve to make the New Year better 365! New Year’s resolutions are good to refocus and form better serving habits, but not rely on the New Year’s Eve chimes of midnight to make life-changing decisions. On the 1st of January every year people decide to lose weight,

Keeping the Spice in Your Personal Training Program

Spring is coming! Take to the great outdoors and be re-motivated for your cardio!!! We all at times feel like not exercising. Where do you find the motivation to exercise? You are not alone when you ask yourself this question. The best way forward is to get out of our heads about exercise and just

Setting Goals 2010 – Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

There are many ways to reach goals,and using the following tools will help you: 1) Write down all your goals to give them more force and have a clear picture of what you want. 2) Be Precise Set deadlines, putting dates and time by when goals need to be achieved. Keep goals incremental and attainable,