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Alcohol and Fat Burning


Regular alcohol consumption will limit or stop your weight loss results altogether. Drinking alcohol and going to the gym, is like cleaning your carpets and then running round your home with muddy hiking boots. When there is alcohol present in your system, the liver prioritizes getting rid of the toxins (alcohol) first, and therefore slows

Weight Loss Doesn’t Need to be In Food Jail

Food Jail

When you are consumed with all the weighing, measuring and calorie tracking, attempting to drop a few pounds can seem as tedious as driving to Las Vegas in holiday traffic. In order for a weight loss program to be successful one doesn’t need to obsess on calories and calorie counting, as there a plenty of

Scientists Have Found Fat Helps you Lose Weight


As a Personal Trainer Los Angeles I teach that sometimes in life the very things we avoid are the ones that can help us the most, as It might turn out to be the case in our constant battle with the bulge, that the best weapon against fat could be fat. It has been revealed

Weight or Body-Composition For Peak Fitness

Healthy Person

As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer i can ascertain that although widely thought the way a person looks is not always the way they feel, or a true barometer of their health. Weight and body composition are widely misunderstood, as one is not automatically an indication of the other. A person can look ‘slim’ but


Happy New Year!

The year is young and many of you reading this article may have already set fitness goals for the New Year, some to gain information from a personal trainer to lose body fat (different than scale weight),and some for a vacation, or others to get better at a sport, participate in a marathon etc. Congratulations!

9 Tips To TurboCharge Losing Xmas Pounds

Get ris of those excess Christmas pounds

The day after Christmas most of us are already feeling guilty about all that food and drink we have put away since the festive period began. But before you call up a personal trainer or start reaching for the diet books, think carefully about what the best, most effective method is for shedding the extra

Are Diet Pills a Waste of Money?

are diet pills a waste of money?

So you feel overweight? Well… That’s most of us in this fast pace, high stress world with ‘no time to eat’- so we know what that means,… all the worst choices! ‘Catch 22′. All though having a personal trainer in Los Angeles will help you on your diet, it is not always the right time

Your Cortisol Levels Could Be Keeping You Overweight

cortisol levels healthy eating

The WEIGHT LOSS industry is projected to be worth $US586.6 billion globally by 2014. It appears nowadays that almost everywhere you turn, another miracle product is being touted as the end to ALL your weight problems! In your busy, hectic life, by the time you can make it to the store the product has been