Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Why You Need One

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

There are many reasons to hire an expert Personal Trainer. I am sure that you see many people coming into the gym, not getting results, or getting demoralized due to injury, and or boredom of doing the same thing over and over. In order for us to get better in anything, we must do what we do progressively, and with the consciousness of constantly striving to get better.

The media has made our current generation more aware than ever before to the health risks our high stress, fast paced go getter lifestyles puts on our bodies/health.

With the increase in qualified people, and the ever competitive job market, fitness and health have gained tremendous importance. Hence fitness training has become more and more a lifestyle than a luxury, for people of all financial levels, and age groups.

However, getting in shape is not as simple as it appears, and for best results the services of a Personal Trainer should be sought. A Personal Trainer with knowledge and experience can start you off on the right track.

We can list the following reasons for hiring a Personal Trainer as follows:



Motivation is the single biggest reason why people fail/stop on an exercise program. The biggest reason for hiring a Personal Trainer is to keep you motivated, for consistency to stay on course to reach your goals. The only way to make a change is by causing it, and the only way to cause it is by staying motivated to keep going.

The very fact that you are paying a Personal Trainer for a service will probably be all the motivation you need to consistently show up. When people pay for something in advance it becomes more of a priority to keep going.


Setting goals

A Personal Trainer can devise a plan, set goals, and keep you focused on results, attaining maximum results, in minimum time.

A Personal Trainer can have you accountable for diet ( sent in by email each week), supplementation and cardio, monitoring your progress on all on a weekly basis. This will help you achieve your goals more easily. A Personal Trainer can set short and long term goals, and design the right program to help you achieve them.



If you are new to a gym,/ and or you are there because you made a decision to get in shape , you may have gone into a gym and felt overwhelmed with all the different cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights, that you have never used, or don’t know how to properly use. You wonder whether to use a bike or treadmill, weights or cardio?. These are all questions a lot of us will initially face. A Personal Trainer can help you through this process and introduce you to the equipment, safely and at the level that is right for you.

In every area of our life there are experts specializing in areas that will improve our performance in them. A Personal Trainer specializing in sports specific training will help improve not only your strength and endurance, through showing you new techniques specific to your sport, but also your agility and mind focus.

If you are new to a fitness program, you can save a lot of wasted time, due to ineffective execution of movements, and the resulting frustration of lack of results. By hiring a Personal Trainer you can have a specific program custom designed for you.



Maybe you have been training for a while, have made good initial improvements, but seem not to be able to get your body to the next level. This can happen for several reasons, boredom from the same routine, and lack of consistency with diet.

A Personal Trainer can help keep your routine varied and fun, and take you to a new level of fitness that you have been unable to achieve before. By keeping the program varied , you will remain stimulated and hence look forward to doing it, which will give you better results.


Nutrition/ Supplementation

Nutritional planning is paramount in importance to any exercise program, if you are to achieve any marked results, even if you train right! A Personal Trainer will counsel each of their clients to tailor a specific nutritional program for their goals and needs. A Personal Trainer will educate his clients as to why they are making the changes that they are making , that will form a lifestyle rather than a diet, for permanent change.

In conclusion, I hope this article has made it clear why you would be advised to hire a Personal Trainer , to take to places that far exceed your expectations!

In Order to achieve what you have not achieved before you must do what you have not done before

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