How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group for Bodybuilding

Body Building

There are lots of reasons to become involved in bodybuilding. Among those are health reasons and to achieve overall fitness. No matter what the initial reason is for beginning the sport, it needs to be done correctly to reap the most benefits. A healthy regime will include weight training, cardio training, and any number of cross-training exercises to have the best results possible.

One question that comes up all the time is this: how many exercises should I use for each muscle group? The answer to this question depends on how experienced the bodybuilder is. Your workouts should increase in volume as you progress in the sport. As the muscle group becomes better developed, you’ll have to step up the work to maintain progress. Then to further develop the muscles, exercises will have to be increased. Also, each muscle group will need to be worked for maximum effectiveness. Over-working or under-working any one group will take away from the aesthetic appearance of the bodybuilder.

The beginner should work each muscle group with one basic exercise. Any more than this can cause over-training and too much muscle pain or discomfort. Maximum benefit can be achieved by doing full-body workouts three days a week. After you have been working out consistently for several months, you can move up to an intermediate level.

The intermediate will need two or three exercises for each muscle group. Split your body in half and train 4 times a week, hitting each muscle twice a week. Increasing volume and intensity slowly is key to meeting your goals and making progress. By keeping up this regime, your muscles will begin to take on mass and shape. After a year or two of consistent workouts, you can move up to the advanced level.

The advanced, practiced bodybuilder may begin to exercise each muscle group with three, four, or more exercises. At this point, split your body into thirds and train six days a week, hitting each muscle group twice each week. Slowly building up to this level will help prevent over-training, injuries, and undue muscle pain.

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