About Personal Trainer Nicholas Barrett

Personal Trainer Nicholas Barrett

I’ve been a personal trainer in Los Angeles and nutritionist to all types of individuals. I’ve personally trained movie and television stars, a number of professional athletes and everyday folks who want to get in shape. I have many, but my client list includes Steve Guttenberg from Police Academy, Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer, and Chucky Atkins from the Los Angeles Lakers. I have guided people through extreme weight loss, competition level fitness training, and various other fitness goals. I see myself as a facilitator/role model/ life coach.

My educational background is as follows: I graduated with a BA in Exercise Science from the University of London in 1992. This equips me with the knowledge to guide clients in the correct execution of muscle flexion when training. I completed an ASCM Fitness Instructor Certificate in 1994. This course equipped me to help individuals move forward in training while applying correct, safe training techniques regardless of weak areas that may exist. I completed Michael Thurman’s Body Makeover Certificate in 1998. This thorough course further equipped me to train people at all levels employing the safest customized routines to get from point a to point b and achieve fitness goals. In 2008 I completed a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.

Personal Trainer Nicholas Barrett

I have competed professionally at the following body building events: British Bodybuilding Middleweight Championship 1991 (1st place), Iron man NPC 2004 (5th place), California NPC 2005 (4th place), Excalibur NPC 2006 7th place)

In my experience, there is one key element that factors into every single one of my client’s success reaching their goals. That key factor is this: The individuals who achieve their goals possessed a strong desire to make major changes to their lifestyle. While many of us want to change how we look physically, this desire alone will not be enough. I’m talking about a deeply rooted desire for change that causes a person to willingly transform their eating habits and exercise routine in combination with my customized personal training.

Most personal trainers force you to follow the program that works for them, and they simply don’t even consider the fact that their client’s needs are completely unique. I am whole-heartedly focused on helping individuals reach their potential. In other words, I find out what works for the individual, what does not, and modify the program accordingly, giving the client the personal training they need..

By including the three components listed below into every individual’s personal training(I like to call them the “synergy”), my clients consistently achieve the results they desire.

Here are the basics of my program:

NUTRITION: Diets don’t work. They merely slow your metabolism down and lead to confusion. I teach my clients how to eat right and stay fit for the rest of your life. Small regular meals SPEED up your metabolism and lead to weight control permanently.

RESISTANCE TRAINING: Adding lean muscle tissue is a priority. Many times this is overlooked by people trying to lose fat or lose weight. However, muscle is the only part of our bodies to burn calories. By increasing muscle mass, your body will become more efficient at burning calories, and my personal training aids in this.

CARDIO-VASCULAR TRAINING: This essential component of my program helps with the process of burning fat, speeding your metabolism and building your endurance. Cardio workouts help bring it all together. This is the third key element in my personal training is what I call the “synergy.”

As I observe my clients willingly making these positive changes in their lives, I find the most important take-away is to learn how one’s own body responds to adjustments in different elements of the program. By naturally staying in tune with one’s body, the prospect of staying in optimal physical condition becomes second nature. This valuable knowledge gained from my personal training is something each of my clients will carry with them as a guide for years to come.