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Pharmaceuticals Vs. Natural Supplements

Natural Suppliments

In our modern day pharmaceuticals are just about as the norm in everyday life as brushing your teeth. There is a drug for everything, cholesterol, blood pressure, appetite reduction, pain in the joints, even one when you feel blue:{ The whole idea of the pharmaceutical industry wanting to give us a better quality of life

The Truth About Fruit

The Truth About Fruit

As an expert Personal Trainer Los Angeles  I will get straight to the point in this article, fruit is a sugar (fructose) and like any other sugar it raises yout insulin level (blood sugar), and if not used or utilized for energy gets stored as fat. Will you get overweight?… Yes if you eat more fruit than you burn

Why Meal Timing is Important

Healthy Meal

As A Los Angeles Personal Trainer i would like to inform you of the important fundamental thing you need regardless of your fitness goals, be they losing weight, gaining weight, or increasing athletic performance and that is proper nutrition. In order to keep your metabolism working to optimum levels, and at the same time anti-catabolic,

Christmas Diet Bulletin 411

Christmas dinner

As a personal trainer in Los Angeles, I see many clients who are on diets. What they don’t realize however, is that most diets fail because in essence that is what they are… a change of habit done for a period of time, then reverting back to the way you did things before. They work initially because

Staying On Your Fitness GPS During Christmas

Stay on your Fitness GPS

The Christmas festivities are a glorious time of the year, but at the same time present challenges both to the scale and our waistlines! Many of you wish to lose weight or maintain your current figure without the definitive need for a Los Angeles personal trainer, and I intend to help. Most of these challenges

Why To Avoid Sugar In Your Diet

Avoid Sugar in your Diet

It is hard to imagine that in our sophisticated modern day, with IPads, Android phones and the like, that many foods commonly eaten in our daily diet can pose a health risk for both men an women alike. This will surprise you as it not only includes ‘fast food’ or ‘junk food’, but many of

The Zone Diet – Pros and Cons

The Zone Diet

  The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears, with the intention of proper hormone balance through nutrition. With the balancing of macronutrients, the right combination of carbohydrate (40%), protein (30%), fat (30%), at every meal and snack, proper hormone balance can be achieved. The key is regulating insulin and glucagon levels. If insulin(blood

The South Beach Diet – Pros and Cons

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet was originally developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston In Miami, Florida, with the intention to help patients with heart and cardiovascular ailments. It was soon realized that it was also of benefit to aid weight loss , and obesity; and soon after that, it exploded in popularity among the nation. The diet