The Truth About Fruit

The Truth About Fruit

As an expert Personal Trainer Los Angeles  I will get straight to the point in this article, fruit is a sugar (fructose) and like any other sugar it raises yout insulin level (blood sugar), and if not used or utilized for energy gets stored as fat. Will you get overweight?… Yes if you eat more fruit than you burn you will become overweight!

There has been a great deal of mixed findings over the last few years, whether or not fructose, a simple sugar or monsaccharide causes people to gain more weight than other types of carbohydrate.

Reasons for the controversy.

Fruit sugars (fructose) like glucose, or sucrose, which is a combination of fructose and glucose all have an effect of raising your insulin (blood sugar) and turn it into body fat (triglycerides), if they are not used for energy production. Insulin is released via the Pancreas into the bloodstream, which is then either used through the liver for immediate energy, or when there is more than can be used stored for another time as body fat (triglycerides) TG.

Fructose also has the ability to create lipogenesis if metabolized downstream through the liver. When there is an elevated amount of fructose in the liver it can be disturb glucose metabolism and uptake pathways, which then impacts ‘de nove’ lipogenesis and body fat (TG) synthesis, due to fructose catabolism. This imbalance to the metabolism is one of the most significant precursors to insulin resistance (Type 2 Diabetes).

The modern day diet with it’s increased consumption of refined carbohydrates and fructose, is a clear indicator that this is a major contributor to the current epidemic of metabolic syndrome (Type 2 Diabetes) , effecting 1 in 4  people either actively or on the borderline of being impacted. In a 2004 study reported in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition examining nutrient consumption in the US between 1909 and 1997, it was established that there was a significant correlation in the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes with the increase in consumption of corn syrup and total energy intakes, amounting to about 20g per day.

In the past people would consume fructose mostly from fresh fruits, however, in the modern American diet with added fructose and corn syrup in almost everything , that daily total has rocketed up to 100g+ per day. No wonder with the effects this has on the human body of rapid stimulus of lipogenesis and (TG), that insulin resistance and hence Type 2 diabetes have become an epidemic.

The big culprit is corn syrup sweeteners, that today represent approx 25% of total daily carbohydrate intake, an increase of 2200% over the last 50 years or so. The main reason why foods that have corn syrup/ corn syrup solids are so unhealthful, is that they neither stimulate insulin secretion nor reduce gherlin (hunger hormone) so you still feel hungry while the body converts the fructose into fat. This leads to compulsive overeating and chronic obesity, accompanied with the diseases that come with it, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.


If your main goal is to lose body-fat , or get to a specific weight i would recommend limiting your fruit intake until such time that you have attained your desired weight. I would also suggest avoiding foods with corn syrup/ corn syrup solids as a sweetener, and select natural whole foods, paying extra care in studying food packaging labels. Keep your daily sugar content below 15 -20g total.

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