The Zone Diet – Pros and Cons

The Zone Diet


The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears, with the intention of proper hormone balance through nutrition. With the balancing of macronutrients, the right combination of carbohydrate (40%), protein (30%), fat (30%), at every meal and snack, proper hormone balance can be achieved.

The key is regulating insulin and glucagon levels. If insulin(blood sugar levels) are high in the body, this makes and keeps you fat. However, by controlling insulin ( blood sugar levels) and keeping them in the Zone, your body burns fat more efficiently and you lose weight.

Eating too many carbohydrates produces too much insulin, a hormone that tells the body to stock up nutrients. When the body has insulin ‘overload’, the body converts those carbohydrates into fat.
The opposite happens when we consume protein , increasing Glucagon, a hormone that sends a message to the body to release carbohydrates in the liver, this then tells the body via the brain that it’s energy supplies are are sufficient and therefore you will stop eating . Limiting carbohydrate intake and including 100 grams(3/4oz) of protein with each meal will maintain the balance of Glucagon and Insulin, controlling your appetite and hence the total number of daily calories.

This balance enables people following the Zone Diet to get more energy from carbohydrates rather than Protein or fats, staying within 500 calories for a meal and 100 calories for a snack.



The Zone Diet helps you lose weight and change your eating habits. It makes you aware of balanced , balanced, healthy eating. The key is through proportionality, with the benefit and convenience of not having to do calorie counting.

The Zone Diet has many other benefits other than weight loss, such as enhanced health, improved energy, mental alertness/ focus. It also helps those with Type 11 diabetes , being high in protein, low carbohydrate diet program it reduces both hunger and compulsive eating tendencies.



The Zone Diet can be complicated and time consuming to adhere to. It also eliminates some nutritious foods, which are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. The diet can be high in meat products, which is a source of high saturated fat.

Those on a vegetarian regimen will unlikely be able to keep to the program, or those who drink any beverage with caffeine.

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