Client D. – Personal Training Testimonial

Daryl Butler Personal Training

I wasn’t sure what to expect after I signed up for a personal trainer. I’ve heard various points of view on the value and the results. I was sure I didn’t want the “come on, one more rep” type experience, nor did I want the “find your inner strength” Zen type experience. simply put I needed a coach who could interpret my goals and my current state and build out a program for me not refer me to an article in a magazine.

That’s just what I got in Nicholas. He proved to be patient yet found ways to motivate and inspire me to get the most out of our sessions. I gained a fond appreciation of the need for balance between lifting, cardio work and a good diet. In short order my training curriculum quickly morphed into a change in lifestyle. Nicholas is a trusted advisor and good friend now. He really took the time to craft the right exercises that would help me achieve results. We reviewed my work and progress weekly and made modifications along the way so I was consistently progressing with out risk of injury or plateau.

The results speak for themselves. I started out at 230lb with a body fat percentage of 18-20. I cut the weight down to 222 and the body fat down to 13 by week 5. At week eight I was at 220lbs and 10.5% body fat. My strength and endurance are both off the chart. I have the chiseled physique. I’m running 5k’s 3-4 times a week. like I said this program is more than a program its a lifestyle change.

Now I have to work with Nicholas on the huge tailor / alteration bill because none of my clothes fit anymore :)
Nick…You’re the best

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