Why Use Foam Rollers?


Foam rollers are great for myofascial  release and massaging tight muscles, at the same time as breaking down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue.

The soft connective tissue just under the skin, brings together the muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves of the anatomy. The myofascial system refers to muscle and fascia. The fascia and the muscle tissue underneath can become joined together , causing what is termed adhesion. There are multiple factors that can lead to this, a modern sedentary lifestyle, injuries ( past and present), or not sufficient regular stretching.

By using your own body weight on a cylindrical foam roller you are in effect doing a massage ( myofascial release), increasing blood flow to the soft tissues, and easing tight trigger points.

When you roll horizontally on a foam roller, the pressure applied to the soft tissue is constant, at the same time applying traction to the fascia. The fascia then softens and lengthens (release), in turn breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, that can occur between the skin, muscle and bone. It can also be of great benefit to relieving tight IT bands, in turn improving your flexibility and range of motion.

How to use a foam roller

Lie down horizontally with the muscle area you require to be worked or eased resting on the foam roller. With your body weight resting on the roller, move your body up and down the roller in slow, controlled movements. When you feel a tight area, pause and rest your body weight on the area for approximately 30 seconds. Breath smoothly throughout the movement, exhaling as you move through the tight areas. When you buy a foam roller you will find lots of helpful information on the use of the rollers.


There is no simpler, more economical way of bringing relief to your body, from tension built up over a long period of time throughout your body. You will attain greater flexibility and skeletal alignment, with the result of better body balance, exercise performance and execution, and less pain.  Use small to medium sized rollers for upper body areas, and large rollers for lower body areas.

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