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Is 2012 Armageddon?


Hello Friends, How are you all? There are some great times to look forward to on these blessed, long summer days! I want to share my current thoughts with you… As you may realize we are experiencing a kind of worldwide ‘Armageddon’ right now. There is more change and tumult in the World today, than

The Effects Of Sleep On Your Health

Sweet dreams

Hi friends, Spring time is upon us once more! A time of new beginnings, and the omnipresence of the beauty of the Universe abounds. Whether you see it in the form of new born wildlife, the beauty in the myriad of colors from freshly bloomed flora and fauna, it’s hard to miss, it is everywhere!

The Truth About Protein Shakes

Protein Shake

Hello Friends, hope you are great and enjoying the journey. I get asked about fast and easy snacks everyday, and want to take this opportunity to shed some light in this area. I hope this will help answer any questions you may have about protein shakes, for use as mid-am/pm snacks(not meals)!. Protein Shakes: Good

The Importance of Fulfilling Your Purpose

This month I want to talk about a life of purpose. Our time is determined by fate, however out destiny can be shaped by the way we chose to live our life’s. In order to establish our individual calling, we must tap Into our individual gifts. We ALL must discover our purpose in life.  If

How to Make Better Goals for Diet and Exercise

Don’t make the usual New Year’s resolutions- instead resolve to make the New Year better 365! New Year’s resolutions are good to refocus and form better serving habits, but not rely on the New Year’s Eve chimes of midnight to make life-changing decisions. On the 1st of January every year people decide to lose weight,

Staying In Shape During The Holidays

The Holiday Season, or the ‘Eating Season’ is well and truly upon us. The onslaught of social get togethers, and lavish meals occur more than at any other time of year. You will be relaxing with various relatives , either they visiting, or you them. With all the socializing and spending time with the kids,

Manage Your Diet and Appetite with Sugar Control

I’m going to keep this mostly festive. Enough of the serious stuff! I will however, give you all a bit of useful info that may help you eat a little less this festive season- Yes please!!! Sugar Control = Appetite Management I have over the many years in my quest for getting better in my

Training Tips: The Key To The Best Abs You Have Ever Had

It’s November- once again the holiday season is upon us! How did that happen? This may be an opportune time to talk about abs- haha! You may have great biceps, but do you feel comfortable with your shirt off, and showing a tight abdominal wall?  The abdominal wall (core) are the key to long lasting fitness,