How to Make Better Goals for Diet and Exercise

Don’t make the usual New Year’s resolutions- instead resolve to make the New Year better 365!

New Year’s resolutions are good to refocus and form better serving habits, but not rely on the New Year’s Eve chimes of midnight to make life-changing decisions.

On the 1st of January every year people decide to lose weight, start paying better attention to their health, or make similar big changes. For lasting results look upon starting today to move forward to a goal within a year.

New Year’s resolutions can have several benefits. It helps us evaluate which areas are lacking, or what we improve. It is very beneficial to create a balance with our priorities, and focus attention of what is missing, or what is abundant.

As well as having many benefits , New Year resolutions can have a ‘downside’, when  we try to change habits very quickly, in a matter of a day or a week. Being so driven on what to give up or change can give us more incentive, or bring on feelings of being deprived.

If we spend our time processing thoughts of what we don’t have, then we increase more feelings of scarcity and lack of, which ultimately discourages positive movement forward.

A better way to make a substantial life change is not to rely on New Year’s resolutions, but instead use the end or beginning of a year as an excellent time to put an emphasis on self-improvement. Focus on what area you would like to improve, or change, and how it would be for you a year from now with those improvements in place. Put the focus on the positive part of that change- ‘By this time next year I’ll be 15lbs lighter, or I’ll walk a 1/2 Marathon , instead of I am going to lose weight because of my New Year’s resolution, which has no goal focus, just a resolution that will be over too soon! Whether your goals are business or personal there is a way to package it so that you are looking forward to it, and therefore stick to it.

Looking forward to success, makes all the hurdles to get there diminish in significance, and getting to your goal easier. Spend your time focusing on all the things you need to do to get to your goal. Each small step toward your goal is another success instead of each failure being the end of the New Year’s resolution.

Focusing on a goal to be reached a year ahead, diminishes the little setbacks that can discourage a person on the way. For example a person making a resolution to go to the gym three times per week may decide to not continue because of a virus, or personal situation. The person who puts it all to a New Year’s resolution is in their mind failing to meet their goal. Setting a goal of how you want to be a year down the road , will change the mindset from failing to meet the resolution, to this maybe a necessary period of time to take off an still be working toward their goal. It’s one step at a time to reach any goal!

In conclusion rather than putting your future at the mercy of a New Year’s resolution, focus on empowering your every day with getting closer to a year goal. This way you will enjoy your journey and flourish.

God bless you all and have a amazing 2011.