The Importance of Fulfilling Your Purpose

This month I want to talk about a life of purpose. Our time is determined by fate, however out destiny can be shaped by the way we chose to live our life’s. In order to establish our individual calling, we must tap Into our individual gifts.

We ALL must discover our purpose in life.  If you are not fulfilling your true purpose, you will never reach complete happiness or harmony.

Take more risks

When you get to a certain “level” in life, you often stop taking as many risks.  This may happen because you have a fear of failure, or even a fear of success .  Regardless, you can’t let fear be the reason why you do something, or why you refrain from doing something.  Believe in what you are destined for, say yes to the opportunities that surround your destiny, and then work your tail off.  Relentless pursuit will be a major determinant of the success you ultimately attain. That same relentless pursuit will allow you to achieve your true purpose and overcome any and all adversity that stands in your way.


The process of journaling is critical to your success, because the act of writing your personal thoughts, ideas, plans, and goals helps create clarity.  Clarity precedes mastery and genius.  Writing and journaling are a simple discipline which can transform the clarity you receive.

I am confident that with the right guidance, coaching, encouragement, and clarity, you will at last find your  true, deep purpose and impact many more people.  Furthermore, when you take ACTION on your core plans from your homework, then I know you will ultimately “do something bigger” with your life.

Just a reminder.  Keep journaling.  Take more risks.  Discover and live your true purpose in life.  This allows you to play passionately and fervently every day, and thoroughly IMPACT the greatest number of people also.

Keep inspiring the world to greatness and create IMPACT Keep inspiring the world  to greatness and create IMPACT every day day.