Staying In Shape During The Holidays

The Holiday Season, or the ‘Eating Season’ is well and truly upon us. The onslaught of social get togethers, and lavish meals occur more than at any other time of year.

You will be relaxing with various relatives , either they visiting, or you them. With all the socializing and spending time with the kids, it will make it the most challenging time of year to do training/cardio regularly and eat a ‘normal’ food program.

We face the same challenge each year at this time, but with a little effort and adjustment we can get through the festivities without gaining the 10-15lbs most Americans do during the’ holidays’. If we try to keep to our ridged routines, we’ll end up neither being able to attend and participate in all the commitments in out social calendar,and end up having an extremely stressful time trying to fit our normal schedule in- so let’s draw up a coping strategy.

Plan of Action

1) Limit your routine.  Due to all the  extra pressures upon us, if we try and do our regular routine we will create unneeded stress, so do half the sets and exercises at the gym and instead go for a 30 minute jog/walk round your neighborhood.

2) If you skip going to the gym altogether, try some resistance bands (see my ‘Fitness Blog’), push-ups – crunches. This will maintain your muscle strength and tone,until your are able to resume your regular training.

3) Drink a coffee, or have a snack at home before going to a party, or social gathering. This will stabilize your blood sugar (insulin), and assist you in not ‘pigging-out’, as you will already have something in your stomach.

4) Always eat with any alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is harsh on an empty stomach, but will also unbalance your blood sugar (insulin), causing your appetite to go ‘crazy’ and you wanting to eat everything that you can see!

5) Drink plentiful water at any event, as this will help you eat less, and also cleanse your body of toxins as quickly as possible.

6) Keep up with your supplements and vitamins during the holidays, as this will bolster your immune system during the extra stress we endure at this time of year.

7) Try to stop eating as early as possible, in order to minimize any fat stored from all those yummy extra holiday treats.

Lastly, enjoy the holidays and remember doing things in moderation is always the optimum way to go.