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Exercise Intensity – How Much is Beneficial?

Happy Summer to you All! We’re here Summer- long days and a time to enjoy the abundant beauty of the Universe. Exercise Intensity- How much is beneficial? How does one know if they are working at the optimum intensity for them? Intensity is very much a matter of an individuals level that they would be

Staying Hydrated

How are you guys? Looking good and ready for July 4th! Yeah!!! The weather is about to get much warmer and I want you all to stay well and hydrated;)) With Summer fast approaching and warmer weather on the way, clients need to take more care in monitoring their hydration. While dehydration can occur during the

Personal Training and Nutrition in a Recession

There is a lot of talk about recession at present in the media, be it from the radio, TV, press or everyday people wherever we go! This is creating a living ‘in the box’ way of thinking that will create only the energy of a negative mindset with will keep us weak, shrinking and stuck.