Exercise Intensity – How Much is Beneficial?

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Exercise Intensity- How much is beneficial?
How does one know if they are working at the optimum intensity for them?

Intensity is very much a matter of an individuals level that they would be best to work at. Two methods of judging the right intensity for cardio/aerobic work are;

Talk Test
This is a traditional stand-by, where by if a person can talk with steady, uninterrupted speech then he/she is not working too intensely for a healthy person.

Rate of Perceived Exertion
This is a subjective method to rate an individual’s rate of aerobic exertion on a scale of 1 (least effort) through 10 (most effort).

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, cardiovascular benefits are attained at the rating of #4 (somewhat strong) – 5 (strong).

This is a better barometer of work rate for people who have not done much consistant cardiovascular training for any period of time, than using a target heart rate.

No effort. 0
Very weak 1
Weak 2
Moderate 3
Somewhat Strong 4
Strong 5-6
Very Strong 7-9

Finding your target heart rate zone using the Karvonen Method /or Heart Rate Reserve
Take 220 – Your Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate (APMHR)This is a calculation of the highest heart rate you can achieve for your age.

Take your APMHR, subtract your Resting Heart Rate (RHR). The RHR is best taken upon arising.

This equals your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) or the difference between your lowest/highest heart rate.

Take your HRR and multiply .5. Add back your RHR to each and this will give you the lower end of your target heart rate zone.

Once again go back to your HRR and now multiply by .85. Add back your RHR to each and this will give
your upper end of THR.

For ease of taking your heart rate while exercising divide those numbers by 6 so you can take a 10 second pulse beat.


220 – 30(years old) = 190 APMHR
190 – 48 (your RHR) = 142
145 * 5 = 76 (HR diff)
+48 (RHR) = 124
132 *.85 = 122 (HOUR diff + 48 (RHR) = 161
Target Heart Rate Range: 124 -171

Or divide by 6 = 31 – 37 beats/10secs.

Stay blessed! and enjoy.