Personal Training and Nutrition in a Recession

There is a lot of talk about recession at present in the media, be it from the radio, TV, press or everyday people wherever we go! This is creating a living ‘in the box’ way of thinking that will create only the energy of a negative mindset with will keep us weak, shrinking and stuck.

What is the way forward? We need a solution to transfer our energies to a positive mindset. The World has a self renewable abundance and if we keep our faith, we shall all have more than we would ever need. The word ‘recession’ is better thought of as a restructuring of the way we spend our money in a more responsible way, after all it is an ‘issue’ we have created through careless over spending fueled by the greed of big industry! This is a whole other topic best left for another post.

The benefits of exercise during heightened times of ’stress’ is priceless as the fitness, mental and emotional benefits are great.

Research has proven that there are mental health benefits from exercise, including reduced stress and increased confidence for those who exercise regularly- even 20 minutes a day.

Exercise helps you improve your overall health. It also reduces your risk  of developing chronic (life- long) conditions such as heart disease, and may help prevent dementia and some forms of cancer.

Continue to make the commitment to improve your  youth and vitality.

The great work and effort you are all making is already greater than 95% of the population.  This will give you the best opportunity to stay young, fit and healthy for a more enhanced enjoyable life.