Staying Hydrated

How are you guys? Looking good and ready for July 4th! Yeah!!! The weather is about to get much warmer and I want you all to stay well and hydrated;))

With Summer fast approaching and warmer weather on the way, clients need to take more care in monitoring their hydration. While dehydration can occur during the winter months just from sweating and working out in the cold, chances of heat injury increase in the Spring and Summer periods with the onset of higher temperatures and humidity.

Here are some useful tips on hydration…


People in training can sweat as much as 2-3 litres an hour. Two litres of sweat is equal to 4.4 lbs – 1 liter = 1 KG = 2.2lbs. which can mean a loss of 3% of body- weight an hour in an 150lbs person.

4.4 / 150 = .03 ; .03 * 100 = 3%.

Here’s how dehydration affects the body. Our blood has a fluid part called plasma and when we sweat, we lower our plasma levels. This in turn changes our blood from easy flowing fluid into a very thick sluggish fluid making our heart have to work harder to pump this thick blood around.

In conclusion I would recommend a minimum of 100 oz of water per day, and during intense activity 150oz.

Resistance Bands

This is the season for short trips- July 4th – Labor Day and all that good stuff!!! Yeah!!!

Resistance bands weigh no more than a protein bar – so pack them in your bag and workout anywhere , hotel room, poolside, anywhere, anytime!!!

Yellow / red / blue/ or Purple are available @ Acology located at 15th / Wilshire Blvd ( south – east side of street). Tel 310 260 9633 ask for Phillip. Buy all four to train the entire body!