Salt…Can You Get Too Much?

How much is too much salt?

Salt is everywhere in our diet, it is hard to avoid as all the food in our modern day fast food culture is loaded with it! We are encouraged to eat “fat -free”, “low cholesterol” low this and that, but we don’t hear much about salt? There are no calories in it, so what’s the big deal.

Many of the ailments that have become almost epidemic in our world today can be attributed to the jump in sodium content of our everyday diets, such as high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease. Although subjective we all need salt in our diets, the amount varying depending on our age, size and activity levels. People who regularly engage in strenuous athletic activity, lose a considerable amount of salt when they sweat, so their requirement can be much higher than the average person, which represents 90% of today’s sedentary population.

It is estimated that the average person consumes 2 to 3 times the recommended daily amount of salt in their diet. The average person needs about 2200 mg of sodium daily ( 1/4 teaspoon), not a large amount considering that some of the biggest selling fast food meals can have upwards of 1500mg of sodium!!! Yes in one meal!!

Archives of Internal Medicine (April 2010 issue), reported that the widespread consumption of fast food “contributes to current high levels of daily sodium intake in the US, higher blood pressure, and the resulting burden of cardiovascular disease”, so reducing sodium levels in such foods is a “public- health priority”, they urge.

It is not as hard as it may initially sound, as starting to reduce the salt in your diet, with even a small adjustment like becoming more aware of the hidden sodium in the food you might eat can make for a significant daily reduction. Some of the sweet foods that you eat, such as cookies where you might think… ” Ha there isn’t any”, may on closer examination of the food label reveal the product to be sodium loaded!!! Indeed most touted “diet foods”, are jammed with salt to make them taste more appealing, and keep you coming back for more. Beware of all the so called popular diet companies on page #1, as they are some of the biggest culprits. Also pay attention to other names used in place of sodium, such as MSG, sodium caseinate, ascorbate, bicarbonate, and tri-sodium phosphate.

Having a better quality of life doesn’t take more time than one of lesser quality, as it all comes down to the choices that a person makes. Avoid processed foods as they are processed with tons of sodium, be they canned soups or vegetables, or frozen foods they are mostly packed with salt!

Eat fresh foods that are minimally prepared, as all foods made by the creator are for our goodness, it’s when we as humans mess the master plan up, and start processing and manufacturing foods that the real problem starts. Use herbs and spices as they taste great, some with the added benefit of giving your metabolism a jolt. Very soon you will become sensitive, and much more aware to foods that have high sodium, with the result that you most probably will not even like them as they will taste bitter.

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