Fitness Resolution Plan

Fitness Resolution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape? This could be with the help of an expert Los Angeles Personal Trainer, to get you on the right track for success with your body. If you made this decision for yourself in 2012, losing weight is always likely to be on top of the list of annual commitments. 

If you have not done much or any exercise since high school, you may be bored, confused or disillusioned by all the advertised, and latest touted fitness myths!. To strengthen your resolve, perhaps all you need is a good motivational boost, and a clear head.

These are the most common exercise myths you are most likely to hear, but best to disregard:

No pain no gain

This is one most common misconceptions that folk have been misled to believe by various media, and confused folk alike. The bottom line if you experience pain, is that you likely are performing the exercise incorrectly, doing the wrong movements for your current level, or simply already have put too much strain on your tendons or ligaments, or both. If it hurts don’t do it!. Hire a Personal Trainer Los Angeles, and do it right from the get-go, so that you get encouraged and not discouraged.

Muscle soreness from working out should be mild and as the result of the breakdown of muscle fiber that occurs each time you challenge your body with resistance. This soreness can last up to 48 -72 hours, and if it goes longer email me for advice on supplementation for correct recovery. If your pain is sharp and persistent call a Los Angeles Personal Trainer.

Stretching before exercise

The concept is that stretching pre and post workouts will prevent injury while you exercise and to avoid muscle pain afterwards.

While stretching can promote flexibility A study published in the British Medical Journal shows no scientific evidence to support the idea that stretching before a workout reduces injury and that stretching before and after will avoid muscle soreness. As part of a complete exercise program, built on a foundation instead of sand, stretching should be included as a matter of course to promote flexibility and joint mobility.

Exercise increases your metabolism for hours after you stop

Although the metabolic rate does increase a trace amount after working out, most folk are unlikely to train intensely enough to increase it to a significant degree to make a tangible difference.

But you may be able to get your metabolism working on high for hours after your workout if you can exercise with enough intensity to reach the top of your VO2 max for at least 45 minutes. This is the maximum amount of oxygen you lungs can take during exercise. This is not an average workout, but if you can train at this level, a recent study found that you can burn up to 190 calories an hour in the hours after exercise.

You will have a “6 pack” if you do lots of ab work.

The short answer to this is that you can do 1000s of crunches, hanging leg raises etc etc, and unless you modify your diet and lose the body fat, you will not have that “6 pack” this year in Vegas poolside on Memorial Weekend yet again! This is akin to hanging a Picasso on the wall and covering it with a curtain! Less of the wrong food and 100 crunches per day, will help you work, rest and play. Read my article ” Why Include Strength/Weight Training In Your Fitness Program In 2012″.

Using exercise machines are safer

Most people wanting to get into better shape, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, or get conditioned for a specific sport, at some point join a gym.

When joining a popular gym you are then offered an initiation to the ‘equipment’ or machines. This involves meeting one of their personal trainers, who will then wheel you around a circuit of mostly 10-12 machines, on a count from 1 to 10 basis. This circuit is usually repeated 2 to 3 times with all the movements done in the comfort of a nice chair… Sound familiar? Well that’s great business for their Personal Trainers, as it is easy and can be done from the knowledge gained from a one day course, as all they need to do is basically adjust the machine and know how to count from 1-10… Simple!

The drawback is that for any person wishing to improve the functionality and fitness level of their body, settling for this type of training will bring little “bang for the time invested”, not to mention money. The only benefit maybe psychological in that you feel you are doing something. If you didn’t go to the gym for a year and then went back, you would probably notice the same people doing the same machines on a count from 1-10 basis, with 2-3 circuits. You would also notice very little if any change in the trainees appearance or fitness level, as in order to have what you have not had before, you must do what you have not done before. Doing the same mundane easy routine, will bring the same mundane results.

In order to get results you need to take action steps, then attach them to deadlines and then not do just more, but do more things wisely… then Results are your’s!

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