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As a personal trainer in Beverly Hills most of the people that contact me are wanting to get into better shape, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, or get conditioned for a specific sport, or just look good to wear Summer clothing relaxing at one of the many coffee shops around town.

It is important when selecting a personal trainer Beverly Hills that you do not select one that offers you the typical ‘equipment’ or machines program or routine. This training modal is used by many personal trainers, who will then wheel you around a circuit of mostly 10-12 machines, on a count from 1 to 10 basis. This circuit is usually repeated 2 to 3 times with all the movements done in the comfort of a nice chair… Sound familiar? Well that’s great business for their Personal Trainers, as it is easy and can be done from the knowledge gained from a one day course, as all they need to do is basically adjust the machine and know how to count from 1-10… Simple!

The drawback is that for any person wishing to improve the functionality and fitness level of their body, settling for this type of training will bring little “bang for the time invested”, not to mention money. The only benefit maybe psychological in that you feel you are doing something. If you didn’t go to the gym for a year and then went back, you would probably notice the same people doing the same machines on a count from 1-10 basis, with 2-3 circuits. You would also notice very little if any change in the trainees appearance or fitness level, as in order to have what you have not had before, you must do what you have not done before. Doing the same mundane easy routine, will bring the same mundane results.

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Are you one of those people??… If yes the next part of this article can bring you ground breaking results.

The idea of taking time and effort to exercise, is to get your body to function and perform better, be it on the sports field or in the routine of everyday life. Machine training is great for getting ‘show’ muscles like bigger biceps for a Summer tank top, or poolside at your house party in Beverly Hills, but for the functionality of lifting luggage, moving furniture, carrying a TV from Fry’s to the car, or balancing off a high chair to reach up to a shelf, these isolated now bigger muscles are useless. What use is there to bigger muscles without being able to use them more efficiently, other than to lift more on the bicep machine?

Machines quite simply due to their isolation of individual muscle groups, are not effective in creating the duality of translating what you can lift in the comfort of sitting in a chair of a machine, verses what is demanded of your body in the ‘real’ world. I’m sure it will start to make sense to you by now, that sitting and just moving your arms, or legs slowly up or down will do nothing to improve your everyday mobility or performance.

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In the routine of everyday life we are called upon to move at varying speeds and angles, fast or slow adapting to what the circumstances demand, making adjustments of speed essential. In core,functional training it is imperative to develop awareness of every moving part of your body involved in a particular movement. It is also important that your body is constantly adapting to the correct position, keeping it aligned to the range of motion required for a movement.

The benefits to you of using core/ functional movements is that they use more of your body’s 206 muscles to perform each movement, giving you maximum results in a shorter time. My Beverly Hills personal training program uses functional exercises, using movements that trigger the core by using multiple muscles. You will get in better shape faster than you ever thought possible. I will give you a individualized assessment, and create a custom program, including clinical nutrition and a specific supplement program that i have perfected from 20 years of trial and research. Do not wait until tomorrow to make a change, as when tomorrow comes it will be just another version of today.


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