Maximize Your Unlimited Human Potential in 2012

Unlimit Your Potential

The limits of your human potential are largely psychological not physiological, meaning being governed by your own individual mindset, or Mind ‘Tevo’. As  a personal trainer in Los Angeles, I’ve realized that physically, most of us are born with the ability to do, and perform the same things. We can all participate in Marathons, have the ability to study for a masters degree, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Each of us have the freedom of choice when we get up each brand new day to commit to being outstanding, as opposed to settling for something less.

Why aren’t all people living to their true potential? Why are some frustrated or downbeat? Why are some people very overweight, broke, or with limited capital? The common denominator is mindset and perspective. We all come out of the womb the same way, however, as life moves us forward each individual has there own interpretation of the events and circumstances that cross their path, and it is in that that they develop their own beliefs, and the limits that they put on their abilities. Extraordinary people are not created, they become that way as they choose to live a life of purpose and strive for greater goals. What purpose is there to a life of no purpose.

No one is born with this type of thinking. No person is born with outstanding skills. We ALL start our life’s as apprentices and through consistency and determination become masters. Tardiness breeds mediocrity, perseverance and consistency breeds outstanding results.

The Self Limiting Nature Of Human Behavior

The main reason for this is our own individual mindset. The cornucopia of learned behaviors, interpretations of previous experiences, choices and values determine the core of the person we choose to become. People will use many scapegoats to make themselves feel that they are okay to be where they are in life. In most cases they are quite honestly deeply regretful and unhappy. I didn’t have a great start, I didn’t have any good opportunities, i had bad luck are all examples of this behavior in action! The reality is that everyone has an equal chance in life. Some people are born in a wealthier background, others are very tall and have more suitable body mechanics for basketball, others for running Marathons in a tad over 2 hours, others an ability to interpret the written word of law, or are mathematically gifted. However, all of us have an even playing field when it comes to making a choice of self-improvement.

The main factor that can come between a person realizing their full potential are the limitations that they attach to themselves, which are all created by false beliefs. They do not want to be in the position they are in, but have put themselves in a self imposed ‘Mind Jail’. They can of course relearn a mindset that will serve them better, and realize that they have all that they need to be the person they want to be. It’s about taking responsibility for your circumstances, actions and beliefs, then taking action steps on a daily basis, together with unstoppable consistency, that will be the mother of the changes that you want in your life.

To exemplify limiting beliefs in the fitness arena, i can give a client world class training modals, a clinical nutritional/ supplement schedule, with the client needing to follow the steps one day at a time to reach their desired goal. If they follow ALL the steps their goals would not only be met, but would be far surpassed. This sounds like it would be simple and would be attained by 100% of my clients… unfortunately in the real world far different with about 25% of clients reaching, or surpassing their individual goals.

Why Does This Happen? Their Mindset! To explain, a person can be given the best direction on the planet, but they are only working with me for 1 hour per day, maybe 3 times per week, so they are 23 times more likely to rely on their own learned interpretation for decisions on how to eat, and take care of themselves… as you can probably relate we know that most modern American food choices are not going to get any of the results that they want.
A person can put in a great effort in the gym when being pushed to their limits in a session by me, but when it comes to eating to the letter on the food plan, or following the supplement schedule things are far from perfect! Then come the excuses, i can’t eat like that, this doesn’t taste good, i don’t have enough time etc etc… all examples of false interpretations, fear of failure/success, and the stored mind ‘Tevo’, that is a collection of learned perceptions and interpretations from the time of birth until the present. Limits we has humans wrongly attach to ourselves.

If you and i are candid we know full well, that limited effort can only result in limited change/results regardless of instruction or resources available.

So it’s not a question of resources or ability. The problem is always Mindset. The things that hold people back, are deeply set in their beliefs, personal experiences, values and implementation.

Overcoming Our False Beliefs/Limits

You’ve most likely been there. You’ve held to the belief that this is something outside of you, a set of unfavorable circumstances. I may be you thought you are not attractive enough, too old or over the hill, too young, nobody will listen to you, not enough time or finances. You may even have begun all psyched up to find a way. Then life’s circumstances got in the way, and you began to believe it would be impossible for you. Perhaps you have been working on something for years, and really isn’t working out right. Therefore, you have reached the limit of your human potential, correct? FALSE!

The limits you believe you have are all totally Mindset, and here’s why: there really are limitless ways to achieve all that you want from life. The common denominator is a learned behavior of allowing yourself to make the relevant choices to reflect the outcome that you want. Let me put it this way choice and failure are both results that are mirrored the same way, but with the difference they are born out of totally different CHOICES! There are countless ways to fail. When you are conditioned to failing, then the combinations that lead to failure are those the brain is trained to see, and thus, these are the ones you pay attention to at the subconscious level. The best combinations of resources, activities and skills are no secret, but to be able to achieve them you must apply them into your life. Elementary.

How To Change Your Patterns From Failure To Success

Reenforce all the things that you have accomplished, as the more you turn your focus to the things that you have been/are good at the more this will become a reality in your everyday thinking. It is only a small change, but it is the small things multiplicated that make a hugh difference in influencing our life’s. Be open to new opportunities that will require you to do something different, as to have what you have not had before, you must first do what you have not done before. Look at what you want to accomplish and all the things you have at your disposal to achieve those goals. Be positive at all times, and with arms wide open for the changes that will be required of you. Get a notice board and put it up in your office at work or home, and write your goals down, with the action steps needed to reach each one. Then set a deadline, as a goal with no timeframe is no goal at all, just a pipe dream!

Be aware when you get into the learned behavior of making excuses for not doing something, as they will lead you to sabotage and failure to reach your new goals. These are repeat responses that have conditioned your mind to think this way, and set you up for failure, or incompletion of a goal. This time build a new conditioning of the mind, by reenforcing of all the things at your disposal to reach your goals. Think in terms of what you are doing and what more you can do to get to your current goal. This way your focus will be in the realm of the possible, and will in time condition your mind to focus on possibilities, instead of the false realm of impossibilities.

The mind can be conditioned for opportunity and possibility, the same way it can for sabotage and excuses, it’s all in a habit that will ultimately form your Mindset. When you think of possibility, taking your focus away from reasons why you can’t do something, it will become a new better, more flourishing way of living. A lifestyle of success and achievement , in place of one of cynicism and self sabotage and failure. Being stuck where we are in life is not governed by necessity, but by choice and habit, you like anyone else have the ability to make a change that will empower you to achieve ALL the things that you want from your life. The tragedy is not that we die, but that it takes some so long to give themselves the permission to live. You have tried everything within your own comfort zone, but not all the things at your disposal. This time work through the things that you avoided before because your mind told you that they were not possible. Think in terms that would have you saying ” if i did all the steps available to me, what would the outcome be?” If you try really hard, even when you don’t really want to, what do you think would be the outcome? See what happens? You have nothing to lose, but the world of choice and results to gain!

The limits of human potential are largely a learned behavior. Where there is a will there is a way, it’s all in the conditioning of the mind that are formed by repeated thoughts and habits. There is always a way, you can do all the things that you want, by consistently redirecting current learned thought reactions to circumstances and opportunities as they arise, and replacing them with thought patterns of what do i need to do to make a change, and what do i have available to get it done.

Remember it’s not how old or young you are, rich or poor, it’s about choosing to make a change and reenforcing your mindset to make them happen.

The limits of human potential are a choice, not a condition. What is made compulsory comes from yourself. Clearly the result of the limits we create are a result of what we believe or accept from other people as a reference to truth.

What are you really capable of doing? The limits of all human potential are a perception and mindset. Your limits of your human potential are up to you alone.

Lastly, use positive affirmation to prepare for the things that you are about to do. For example, if you are going to run a Marathon do not set out thinking how far it is to mile 26.2, instead say to yourself, that you are going to do it one mile at a time, that way empowering you, as opposed to being overwhelmed by the task at hand. Look at what you are faced with each day, and say to yourself that you are equipped and have all you need to accomplish them. You can apply positive affirmations to every aspect of your life, goals and challenges.

Make 2012 the year of change by applying some of these principles, and see your world become one of infinite possibilities and triumphs, instead of obstacles and un -overcome challenges.

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