July 2011 – Chemtrails


Hi friends,

I hope that you have all been enjoying the NOW, as when tomorrow comes it will be just another version of NOW. It’s all about living in and maximizing the present moment.

I was doing that just recently on a trip to Las Vegas, in enjoying a brisk 12 mile Power-walk on a gorgeous, warm sunny morning, with an expansive sky of an emerald deep blue! Cloudless.

It was so great walking east of the strip to the Green Valley Ranch area, until out of the blue (forgive the pun), something like out of a movie appeared, with lots of white strips in the sky in formation of an X, spreading out to form cirrus type cloud cover! Strange you may say?? Maybe someone going on a test-drive with a faulty plane Haha! Let’s hope that it is still under warranty?

Since then me being the inquisitive, curious self, well actually just trying to get better through learning, have done some research – no sorry not about fitness as I have plenty of those already on my website for you to enjoy, but about our Universe!

It appears that the mysterious clouds weren’t a figment of my imagination brought on from the effects of the Guinness or two from the night before, but ‘Chemtrails’.

They are best compared to an aerosol blanket that spreads across the clear, blue sky like a bolt of lightning , covering it in minutes Hitchcock style. When Chemtrails are sprayed by aircraft they are quickly extended by air currents, spreading to create fake clouds and whiteouts. WHY?…you may ask.

We’ll here’s the deal…

There have been various suggestions as to why Chemtrails, (first recorded in 1998), are being sprayed into the atmosphere. One is that it is to control the weather, another to weaken People’s immunity, and another a military purpose behind it.

Human nature is often to embellish reasons for something happening or occurring, when mostly there is a much more straight forward explanation.

To look at the facts in a logical way, if it were for military purposes why would it take (13) years to be still in the ‘test’ phase. If it were for the purpose of controlling the weather, why are we experiencing the worst weather conditions on record?

Chemtrails have been happening in many countries; however, while they continue to be kept a secret, the US government has done nothing to block the numerous reports, or for that matter denied anything.

The purpose for spraying can be either for keeping something in our atmosphere, or for that matter out! Let’s contemplate the positive and go with the premise that they are blocking out harmful elements from entering our atmosphere, as the alternative would be kind of horrific to imagine ‘that the people running our system’, are working against its people?…Population control?.

One possibility might be that they are intended to counter the hole in the ozone, due to global warming. This would be a ‘catch 22′, as on one hand filtering the sky with chemicals (aluminum} may balance the weather, but on the other the fine particles of dust may damage our lungs and in the long term our minds.

We must not confuse ‘Contrails’, which are vapor trails formed from exhaust off jet engines, vapor trails forming into tiny water droplets as the exhaust is cooled by the air. The difference is that Contrails dissipate, whereas Chemtrails make their mark by moisture condensation affixing to these chemical trails, engulfing the entire skyline before falling down to earth.

Challenge yourself to go out one weekend and observe the difference. When you see a vapor trail coming off the back of a jet, and it dissipates, it’s a ‘Contrail’, but when you see vapor trails running from side to side, and sometimes in an X formation it’s a ‘Chemtrail’. The former emits from a commercial plane, the latter a military. If you live close to a military base this will be more apparent.

My conclusion

Positive or negative Chemtrails are high altitude dumping of chemicals into our atmosphere. The greater concern is why are the governments of the world being so secretive in staging such an activity involving enormous resources in aircraft, personnel and materials.
There is no need to live in fear, but instead live in awareness, paying attention to detail and the things around you, challenging your mind to quiz the things that just look plain strange???. Most of all be the light that excellent darkness in this beautiful world, made imperfect by it’s ego , consumer driven humans!!
God is good always, enjoy every moment of this great journey, life.

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