The Accelerated Weight Loss Training Program (Results in 6-8 weeks)

Accelerated Weight Loss

The accelerated weight loss training program (6-8) weeks, is excellent for individuals who need to tune-up before an important event, such as a wedding, reunion, movie role, or any occasion that you want to look your absolute best.

To lose weight fast, it is essential that one uses resistance training in their program, as it is the only way to stimulate all (206) muscles in the body, which in turn speeds up your metabolic rate, ie the rate at which your body burns calories.

Most people, even dietitians and nutritionists focus on calories to lose weight. While that is in part true, calories- in v calories out, and if you burn more than you eat you will lose weight, the other part is how efficient your body is at burning the calories that you eat? It’s your composition, ie your lean body mass,(the muscle under the body-fat), that burns calories 24/7, meaning that you can eat more without gaining weight.

So to simplify things it’s not how much you weigh, it’s what you have that weighs. You see how important it now is to do personal training with resistance, to get the weight off as quickly as possible and keep it off. Doing resistance training will enable you to lose fat quickly, while maintaining the muscle mass that you already have under the body- fat, while you are losing weight (body fat). So forget the bathroom scales and instead focus on body-fat.

The Main ingredients of the program:

1) Cardiovascular Training

These exercises can be performed in a gym, on a elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike. In the great outdoors, a power-walk or jog. The accelerated weight loss training program will teach you how to maximize cardio so that you can achieve the most effective results, in the most comprehensive timeframe.

It is optimum to do (HIIT) see my website for details, and best done In the morning, as it is a time when carbohydrates are lower due to less food consumption since the night before. Another good time to do cardio is right after a resistance training session, since resistance training will have depleted your stored carbohydrate.

The accelerated weight loss training program will set up a cardiovascular plan, teaching you specific techniques to boost your progress.

2) Nutrition

The accelerated weight loss training program will work with you in customizing and setting up a clinical nutrition program, giving you the optimum plan to give you the best results not only in body-fat loss, but also aesthetics. Nicholas Barrett has extensive experience both as a competitive physique athlete and nutritional expert.

If you have an important event of occasion that you want to look your absolute best, Call Nicholas Barrett today to get started on your accelerated weight loss personal training program!

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