Factors That Contribute To Obesity

Happy February! It’s the month of “love” once again, and hopefully you are all being loving to yourselves by eating, training and making the best choices that you all can for your bodies! There are many things in society today that are not the best choices for our optimum health and fitness. They trap us with their ads of saving time with the easy, convenient, quick snacks, loaded with ‘high fructose corn-syrup’.

We gain the weight the manufacturers gain the cash! The current obesity epidemic is fueled by more high glycemic (easy) calories – less time to eat, therefore less work to get to them mentality.

People don’t get fat because they over-eat, they over-eat because their fat tissue is accumilating excess fat.

Eating dietary carbohydrates, especially foods containing high fructose corn syrup are the main source of a substance called glycerol – s- phosphate, which causes fat to become fixed in the fat tissue. Foods that are high in sugar also raise insulin levels, preventing fat from being released.

The result is that if we derive our dietary carbohydrates from foods containing HFCS it may lead to obesity, even if you are malnourished.

People around the world are expanding at the waistline at alarming rates – a phrase health experts termed recently – Globesity.

One in three of the world’s adult population is overweight and one in 10 is obese.

One would think that if you take in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. The matter is not so simple.


  • Increased production of foods high in HFCS
  • Sedentary lifestyle of cars, T.V’s, computer use.
  • Larger portions in restaurants
  • Increased use of prescription drugs with various side-effects.

The reasons why people in our time are gaining weight like never before, is not so much in the amount of food they are eating, but in the type of food their daily caloric intake is derived. The #1 source of calories in the US diet today is food containing High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

To keep things simple with foods containing HFCS, 100 percent of the metabolic burden rests on your liver. But with glucose, your liver has to break down only 20 percent. If you consume your sugars from vegetables and fruits (where it originates), you would consume only about 15 per cent per day- instead of 70 grams per day people consume from sweetened drinks alone. In vegetables and fruits it is mixed with fiber, vitamins/minerals, phytonutrients, which moderate any negative metabolic effects.

When you eat 120 calories of glucose, less than one calorie is stored as fat, with 120 calories of fructose 40 calories are stored as fat. Consuming HFCS is essentially EATING FAT!!!

Glucose stimulates Leptin which suppresses your appetite, while fructose interferes with your brain’s Leptin responses resulting in overeating.

Eat only proteins in their natural state, fruits and vegetables and stay lean and healthy.