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The Accelerated Weight Loss Training Program (Results in 6-8 weeks)

Accelerated Weight Loss

The accelerated weight loss training program (6-8) weeks, is excellent for individuals who need to tune-up before an important event, such as a wedding, reunion, movie role, or any occasion that you want to look your absolute best. To lose weight fast, it is essential that one uses resistance training in their program, as it

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Why You Need One

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

There are many reasons to hire an expert Personal Trainer. I am sure that you see many people coming into the gym, not getting results, or getting demoralized due to injury, and or boredom of doing the same thing over and over. In order for us to get better in anything, we must do what

Food And Body Fat

fattening foods

We all know the secret to weight loss is dieting and exercise, but in addition to exercising and following any variation of fitness regimen, food plays a crucial role in attaining the results you want. A diet high in protein and fiber are the optimum foods to eat if your goals are to lose body

Why To Avoid Sugar In Your Diet

Avoid Sugar in your Diet

It is hard to imagine that in our sophisticated modern day, with IPads, Android phones and the like, that many foods commonly eaten in our daily diet can pose a health risk for both men an women alike. This will surprise you as it not only includes ‘fast food’ or ‘junk food’, but many of

Can Stress Make You Gain Weight?


Stress is simply a fact of nature, created by forces from the outside world which affect the individual. Individuals respond to stress in ways that affect both themselves and their environment. Hence, all living creatures are in a constant interchange with their surroundings – the ecosystem – both physically and behaviorally. This interplay of forces,

10 Supplements for Success

Natural Supplements

One of the major questions I get asked immediatly by a lot of my new clients is what suppliments to take. Now I tend to stray away from a lot of the more absurd stuff you see on TV, thats not what im talking about. Instead, I am refering to vitamins suppliments and the like

Are You Eating Enough?

Did you know that many diets can  cause you to GAIN WEIGHT, INSTEAD of losing  the weight you want to lose? When we restrict the amount of food we eat, usually eating less frequently, we restrict our daily calorie intake to the point of lowering our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which means slowing our metabolism

Factors That Contribute To Obesity

Happy February! It’s the month of “love” once again, and hopefully you are all being loving to yourselves by eating, training and making the best choices that you all can for your bodies! There are many things in society today that are not the best choices for our optimum health and fitness. They trap us with their