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“The Pitfalls To Not Eating Breakfast”.

‘THE PITFALLS OF NOT EATING BREAKFAST’ In this modern day the concept of a ‘perfect home-life’ with Mum cooking breakfast has long gone, instead being a meal that is commonly skipped altogether, due to a learned behavior forced upon most by the stress and pressures of everyday life in 2012! The practice of skipping breakfast

Kre-Alkalyn or Creatine Monohydrate.

KRE- ALKALYN v CREATINE MONOHYDRATE. Creatine first came into the mainstream commercial marketplace place in 1993, and has since then been the most successful supplement to be launched to this day! It was originally discovered as a by product of meat, by a French scientist, named Chevreul back in 1832. In 1912, various researchers at

Is Your Lifestyle Risking Diabetes?

” IS YOUR LIFESTYLE RISKING DIABETES’? The most recent research from the University of Missouri indicates that Type 2 diabetes is continuing to grow at alarming rates with 26 million sufferers and 79 million Americans on the verge. That is 1 in every 4 Americans being impacted by this lifestyle induced disease. The sad misconception

Magnetic Wristbands Pros And Cons

Magnetic Wrist Bands

As a Personal Trainer Los Angeles i have noticed that magnetic wristbands have proliferated all over the athletic community, and you may have noticed that many pro athletes are sporting them. Many of us just wear them thinking that they are cool but don’t really know why, or if they even work. I have done

Stitches Why You Get Then & How To Prevent Them


As an expert Personal Trainer Los Angeles i get asked about stitches all the time, so i felt i wanted to address the cause, prevention and cure of these unpleasant things! The most common, a “side stitch” is a sharp, intense pain under the lower edge of the ribcage caused by a muscle spasm of

8 Ways To Hit The Ground Running After Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

As you may be aware Thanksgiving is again just around the corner. The coming months are the busiest time of year for a personal trainer in Marina Del Rey like myself, but also for the airports, and you maybe one of those folks going away for the celebration. Probably like for most of us this

10 Ways To Get Thru The Holidays

How to get through the holidays

Many folk view the holidays as a ‘wash-out’, and resign themselves to going on a pilgrimage of gorging their way to a 10-15lbs weight gain and never give the though to a personal trainer in Los Angeles! It is possible with learning a few tricks and adjustments to cruise through the holiday period which in

About Nicholas Barrett’s Personal Training Programs

Personal Training

Nicholas Barrett’s philosophy is known as the Synergistic System. Resistance Training to stimulate muscle, hence accelerate weight loss, by increasing your metabolic rate, and Cardiovascular Training to increase fitness and recovery time, to get more results from your personal training. The majority of sessions also include Custom Nutritional/Supplement plans to give you optimum results, and