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Manage Your Diet and Appetite with Sugar Control

I’m going to keep this mostly festive. Enough of the serious stuff! I will however, give you all a bit of useful info that may help you eat a little less this festive season- Yes please!!! Sugar Control = Appetite Management I have over the many years in my quest for getting better in my

Protein Absorption, AKA Net Nitrogen Utilization

Did you know that your body doesn’t use all of the Protein you take in? The amount your body utilizes is referred to as Net Nitrogen Utilization. Every protein source has an “Amino Acid Profile” which has a percentage of Net Nitrogen Utilization. The point is, it is not relevant how many grams of protein you are getting

How a Smaller Portions of Fresh Food Can Improve Health

What we have been taught for years is to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. What is  starting to become common knowledge is to have smaller portions more frequently during the day. By doing this, it helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable over the course of the day. By keeping your blood sugar levels

Exercise Intensity – How Much is Beneficial?

Happy Summer to you All! We’re here Summer- long days and a time to enjoy the abundant beauty of the Universe. Exercise Intensity- How much is beneficial? How does one know if they are working at the optimum intensity for them? Intensity is very much a matter of an individuals level that they would be

Keeping the Spice in Your Personal Training Program

Spring is coming! Take to the great outdoors and be re-motivated for your cardio!!! We all at times feel like not exercising. Where do you find the motivation to exercise? You are not alone when you ask yourself this question. The best way forward is to get out of our heads about exercise and just

Setting Goals 2010 – Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

There are many ways to reach goals,and using the following tools will help you: 1) Write down all your goals to give them more force and have a clear picture of what you want. 2) Be Precise Set deadlines, putting dates and time by when goals need to be achieved. Keep goals incremental and attainable,

Healthy Ways to Beat the Flu Season with Olive Leaf Extract

Instead of taking the ‘flu-shot’, which actually lowers your own immune system, not to mention the fact that it fills your body with the stuff you don’t want… Sickness!!! Move away from Sudafed and all the over the counter “Wonder chemicals,” as they just mask the symptoms… alas after 3 weeks of use one is

Personal Training and Nutrition in a Recession

There is a lot of talk about recession at present in the media, be it from the radio, TV, press or everyday people wherever we go! This is creating a living ‘in the box’ way of thinking that will create only the energy of a negative mindset with will keep us weak, shrinking and stuck.