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Food And Body Fat

fattening foods

We all know the secret to weight loss is dieting and exercise, but in addition to exercising and following any variation of fitness regimen, food plays a crucial role in attaining the results you want. A diet high in protein and fiber are the optimum foods to eat if your goals are to lose body

10 Supplements for Success

Natural Supplements

One of the major questions I get asked immediatly by a lot of my new clients is what suppliments to take. Now I tend to stray away from a lot of the more absurd stuff you see on TV, thats not what im talking about. Instead, I am refering to vitamins suppliments and the like

The Zone Diet – Pros and Cons

The Zone Diet

  The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears, with the intention of proper hormone balance through nutrition. With the balancing of macronutrients, the right combination of carbohydrate (40%), protein (30%), fat (30%), at every meal and snack, proper hormone balance can be achieved. The key is regulating insulin and glucagon levels. If insulin(blood

The South Beach Diet – Pros and Cons

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet was originally developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston In Miami, Florida, with the intention to help patients with heart and cardiovascular ailments. It was soon realized that it was also of benefit to aid weight loss , and obesity; and soon after that, it exploded in popularity among the nation. The diet

The Atkins Diet – Pros and Cons

The Atkins Diet

The diet is a high-protein, high fat diet that is low in carbohydrates. The Atkins diet was created by cardiologist Robert C Atkins, MD. Dr Atkins theory is based on the idea that high carbohydrate foods increase insulin (blood sugar levels) , facilitating fat storage. Reducing the body’s intake of carbohydrates to almost none initially

The Mediterranean Diet – Pros and Cons

The Mediterranean Diet

  The Mediterranean Diet is an eating plan that focuses on heart health, in combination with the products available in that particular region. The Mediterranean Diet adopts healthy eating , with the use of olive oils, and red wines, a ‘lifestyle’ style synonymous with the Mediterranean Coastal areas. A healthy eating plan, includes fruits ,

Staying In Shape During The Holidays

The Holiday Season, or the ‘Eating Season’ is well and truly upon us. The onslaught of social get togethers, and lavish meals occur more than at any other time of year. You will be relaxing with various relatives , either they visiting, or you them. With all the socializing and spending time with the kids,

Manage Your Diet and Appetite with Sugar Control

I’m going to keep this mostly festive. Enough of the serious stuff! I will however, give you all a bit of useful info that may help you eat a little less this festive season- Yes please!!! Sugar Control = Appetite Management I have over the many years in my quest for getting better in my