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Why Include Strength/Weight Training In Your Fitness Program In 2012

Strength Training

Strength/ weight training is the foundation of any structured exercise program, and the only training modal that ensures muscle mass maintenance, preventing aging and atrophy. It is overlooked by many as it is looked upon as something associated with ‘getting big’! This is an old misguided attitude, but as with most of them is deeply

Empower 2012 to Be Beyond Horizons


Happy New Year To You Friends! I view 2012 as being a landmark year, as December 21st 2012 is promoted by the Dark forces in this world as being the end… while the Light views it as the beginning of a New World Age! This époque only occurs about once every (5) cycles of 5,125

Christmas Diet Bulletin 411

Christmas dinner

As a personal trainer in Los Angeles, I see many clients who are on diets. What they don’t realize however, is that most diets fail because in essence that is what they are… a change of habit done for a period of time, then reverting back to the way you did things before. They work initially because

December Newsletter: Christmas 411

Christmas 411

Hi friends, The yule time season has come, this special time of year to renew the heart and spirit with a delight that resides within, as opposed to things outside of ourselves. Not all of us have time for a personal trainer in Los Angeles, and that’s understandable. Regardless though, it’s the time of un-rushed

8 Ways To Hit The Ground Running After Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

As you may be aware Thanksgiving is again just around the corner. The coming months are the busiest time of year for a personal trainer in Marina Del Rey like myself, but also for the airports, and you maybe one of those folks going away for the celebration. Probably like for most of us this

10 Ways To Get Thru The Holidays

How to get through the holidays

Many folk view the holidays as a ‘wash-out’, and resign themselves to going on a pilgrimage of gorging their way to a 10-15lbs weight gain and never give the though to a personal trainer in Los Angeles! It is possible with learning a few tricks and adjustments to cruise through the holiday period which in

Are Diet Pills a Waste of Money?

are diet pills a waste of money?

So you feel overweight? Well… That’s most of us in this fast pace, high stress world with ‘no time to eat’- so we know what that means,… all the worst choices! ‘Catch 22′. All though having a personal trainer in Los Angeles will help you on your diet, it is not always the right time

Your Cortisol Levels Could Be Keeping You Overweight

cortisol levels healthy eating

The WEIGHT LOSS industry is projected to be worth $US586.6 billion globally by 2014. It appears nowadays that almost everywhere you turn, another miracle product is being touted as the end to ALL your weight problems! In your busy, hectic life, by the time you can make it to the store the product has been