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As a Personal Trainer Playa Vista i hear this, and get asked this question all the time:

“I want to sweat as i want to lose more! I’m going to wear more layers to lose more fat!”

You burn more calories working out in a hotter environment, as your heart works harder to keep your body cool by sending extra blood to the skin surface, in addition to the need to provide more oxygen while in a cardiovascular state. The calorie numbers however, are not significant enough to note.

Your body releases moisture over the entire surface of the body area, as a ‘Human Air Conditioning System’, but at levels that are not always noticeable.

When you workout in hot Playa Vista Summer weather, you will sweat more and have WEIGHT LOSS. The WEIGHT LOSS is due to fluid lost by the body during the workout, and when you drink and eat after-wards, you’ll replenish the lost fluids and the WEIGHT LOSS that you temporarily experienced will return. Sweating is not an indicator of calories that you are burning, it merely indicates excess body heat being generated, which can be influenced by season, body weight, or genetics, as some folk are more prone to sweat.

When you are pursuing WEIGHT LOSS, at times you may go extreme in your methods to reach your goal. As an example, you may wear multiple layers of clothing to increase sweating while you run up to LMU, as you mistakenly believe you will increase WEIGHT LOSS the more you sweat. Increased sweating (moisture loss) may lead to WEIGHT LOSS, but it will be temporary as when you replenish your fluids you will gain the weight back.

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If you test this out before the next time you workout in the Playa Vista Gym , or jog around Playa Vista or Crescent Park you will see… weigh yourself before you workout and then again right after, you will see a difference in number, with advanced athletes training intensely losing up to 3% per cent of their total body weight. Sweat but don’t sweat it if this is not your answer to WEIGHT LOSS. The water weight that is lost through the skin surface area of the body is used to keep your body temperature down during exertion ( your body’s natural air conditioning system). Once water and food are consumed the WEIGHT LOSS you temporarily experienced returns.

Drink plenty of water before and during any type of exercise (every 10-15 minutes), as if you don’t you can decrease your performance by 20-30 % per cent, and bring on fatigue or dizziness.

My Beverly Hills personal training program uses functional exercises, using movements that trigger the core by using multiple muscles. You will get in better shape faster than you ever thought possible. I will give you a individualized assessment, and create a custom program, including clinical nutrition and a specific supplement program that i have perfected from 20 years of trial and research. Do not wait until tomorrow to make a change, as when tomorrow comes it will be just another version of today.

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