Weight Loss Doesn’t Need to be In Food Jail

Food Jail

When you are consumed with all the weighing, measuring and calorie tracking, attempting to drop a few pounds can seem as tedious as driving to Las Vegas in holiday traffic. In order for a weight loss program to be successful one doesn’t need to obsess on calories and calorie counting, as there a plenty of

Core Training Vs. Training Machines

Core Training

Most people wanting to get into better shape, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, or get conditioned for a specific sport, at some point join a gym. When joining a popular gym you are then offered an initiation to the ‘equipment’ or machines. This involves meeting one of their personal trainers, who will

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Drinking Water

As a Personal Trainer Los Angeles I get asked this question all the time. The answer is as a general guide eight glasses a day, or drink when you are thirsty approach work just fine. For a more subjective approach it is more accurate to take into account other factors, such as lifestyle (active or

Alternative Protein


I want to address the often confusing topic of protein requirements for healthy, active lifestyles. In recent years there has been a shift from the often unconscious eating of animal protein, to an alternative way of finding a replacement for our needs. The modern day American diet high in beef protein, which due to it’s

Why Does Exercise Make You Lose Weight?

Great Exercise

The common held conception is that the more you exercise the more you lose – right? Well partly so, but it is a little more complicated than that as i will convey in this article. As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer i am avidly in pursuit of research that can translate to better and more

Scientists Have Found Fat Helps you Lose Weight


As a Personal Trainer Los Angeles I teach that sometimes in life the very things we avoid are the ones that can help us the most, as It might turn out to be the case in our constant battle with the bulge, that the best weapon against fat could be fat. It has been revealed

What Makes People More Successful?

Healthy People

People who are successful, are successful for a reason, there is no magic, but a certain mindset together with action steps that makes a formula for moving forward and getting better every day in the things that they do. Some of these things are strategies, and can be incorporated into your daily life if they

Salt…Can You Get Too Much?

How much is too much salt?

Salt is everywhere in our diet, it is hard to avoid as all the food in our modern day fast food culture is loaded with it! We are encouraged to eat “fat -free”, “low cholesterol” low this and that, but we don’t hear much about salt? There are no calories in it, so what’s the