If You've Tried To Lose Weight Before But Couldnt,
Then This Is The Book For You.

Mindset to Fitness is a completely unique program designed to shape your thoughts into the hot, healthy body of your dreams

If you're like so many others in the world, you've probably tried many different programs with the same negative result.... You want to start getting in shape, eating better and exercising regularly...and you do great for a while.

You even do a little bit of reasearch to make sure you are eating and exercising properly. You're charisma is THROUGH THE ROOF when you first started, but within a few weeks, you slowely start to lose motivation.

That one day you didnt feel like it, you missed the gym. That one day you were in a rush, you messed up on your diet.

The mistakes weigh on your mind, and before you know it, you've stopped going to the gym completely, and gained some distance from your diet..

If you stumble once, it becomes extremely difficult to get back on track, so as you start to drift form your original plan, you might get discouraged and give up completely.

NickIn more than 17 years as a fitness trainer and nutritional counselor, I've seen people fall into that trap, over and over again. But here's a secret that I've learned, and I want to share with you: One little stumble doesn't mean your fitness journey is over!

Before you transform your body, you have to transform your mind. After seeing so many people get sidetracked by eating an extra cookie or missing a workout, I wanted to help them get back on the right track.

You Can Develop The Right Mindset To Fitness

Most health books forget to cover the mental part of the equation, but how you think about yourself, and how you feel about food are just as important as any training program.

In the same way that your muscles can't get stronger without training, your habits can't improve without changing the way you think.

But you don't have to do this alone because it pains me to see well-meaning people get derailed by a small setback. I created the Mindset To Fitness e-book to help YOU with your lifestyle.

This is not another one of those exercise or diet books: This is all about the mindset.

Are you ready to be healthier than you've ever been before? This book will be your companion, every step of the way.

Here's a list of chapters from the book!

Chapter One: Prepare to change

The mental game: A Jedi mind trick for your waistline

But I've been overweight too long to be healthy

There are no magic shortcuts: Diets don't work

Make health a habit

Train your mind

Set loving boundaries

Change your attitude to change your body

Chapter Two: Common mental hurdles

Overcoming Your Wayward Impulses, Negative Thoughts, and Devilish Desires

I Blew It at My Last Meal – I Might as Well Give Up

My Goals Are Too Big

Waiting Until “Tomorrow” Means You'll Never Do It Today

Rotten-Apple Syndrome: “I Just Want to Look Good”

“It's Just One Cookie” – The Serotonin Trap

Chapter Three: Excuses, excuses: “But I have to eat that!”

Don't Let Everyone Else Decide What You Eat

I Only Have Time to Eat Badly

My Friend Wants to Split That Appetizer

My Friends Make Me Feel Guilty for Dieting

I'm Not Eating Badly, I'm Being a Good Host

I Just Want to Eat With My family

There's Nothing to Eat Around the Office but Junk Food

Chapter Four: Habits and Choices

Trick Your Brain into Doing the Hard Work Automatically

Building Mental Habits and Being Loving to Yourself

Form Your Habits: Positive Messages to Maintain Confidence and Motivation

It Tastes So Good to Eat So Bad: Taste is Also a Habit You Can Change

Stop Skipping Breakfast

Stress Eating is a Learned Behavior

Chapter Five: Time and Stress

The Dog Ate My “Me Time” – Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Others

I Have Too Many Errands to Run for My Family to Take Care of Myself

Divert Your Stress-Eating Desires: Why We Stress-Eat and Ways to Stop

Don't Use Stress as an Excuse to Avoid Change

Be in Control: There Will Always be Stress, So Plan Ahead!

Chapter Six: False Body Image

A Trap of Your Own Making

I Know I've Lost Weight, but I'm Not Sure I've Succeeded

I Guess I'm Too Old to Look Good

The Scale Lies to You: It's Not Your Weight, It's Your Waistline

Beat the Weigh-in Blues: Trash Your Scale and Buy “Skinny Jeans”

Some People Can't Take a Compliment: Fear of Not Getting in Shape

How Negative Thinking Halts Your Progress

Chapter Seven: Nutrition

Food Philosophy

Healthy Snacks

Sample Menus

Chapter Eight: Exercise

How Much Should I Exercise?

How Hard Should I Exercise?

Strength Training for Men

Strength Training for Women

Conclusion: Exercise Your Body Image

How Negative Thinking Halts Your Progress

The old, unhealthy thought patterns are what's holding you back from reaching your goals.

By consciously choosing strategies that lift you above the old ways of thinking, you're making progress toward being a healthier you.

Mindset To Fitness helps you develop some new ways of thinking, and some ways of affirming your strength using very powerful statements.

These statements, or mantras, are proven to help people get unstuck from self-sabotaging behaviors. You'll see mantras that have worked for others, and learn how to use them and personalize them in ways that work best for you.

This book will show you valuable information like how to:

  • Trick your brain into doing the hard work automatically

  • Change your taste habits so that you ACTUALLY LIKE eating healthy foods

  • Get past common mental hurdles that many people face

  • Divert stress and focus on what is important

  • Throw away your negative body image so you feel as good as you look

  • Increase motivation and train yourself to work out as a habit

  • Get passed excuses you tell yourself to "Make it ok" to not stick to the plan

  • Lose weight organically without carrying around a diet plan

  • Build positive mental habits to keep you in shape

  • Create a positive food philosophy

  • Stay fit and healthy with NO PLATAUES so you can keep looking better

  • Halt negative thinking and become a healthy person rather then one who does healthy things

  • Boost your progress with the What, When, and How Much of exercise

  • Completely reinvent your mindset to think in a natural healthy way

Seven Mindset Mistakes That Derail Your Weight Loss

Mistake: When I'm with others, I have to eat what they're eating.

Truth: Friends, family and co-workers aren't holding a gun to your head, forcing you to eat cheeseburgers and fries. You have the power to make healthy choices, independent of the people around you. No one else can take your power away.

Mistake: I don't have time for healthy eating.

Truth: Many of my clients are very busy with stressful, fast-paced careers. But even on days when you're squeezing in a quick lunch at your desk, it's just as easy to grab a salad as it is to grab a sandwich with cheese and high-sodium lunch meat, slathered in mayonnaise. It's all about your choices, and Mindset To Fitness guides you toward the healthier ones.

Mistake: I have to split that appetizer with my friend.

Truth: If you turn down the cheesy bacon potato skins before dinner, that's a healthy, valid choice. You're focusing on your health, so don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to please your friends' whims. There are strategies you can use to steer clear of these danger zones.

Mistake: My friends will make me feel guilty for dieting.

Truth: Family and friends may feel threatened by your efforts to be your very best. Sometimes it does make them realize how poor their own habits are. But much of the time, you become self-conscious that you're eating something different from everyone else in your group. Mindset To Fitness shows you strategies for navigating either of these scenarios.

Mistake: I'm not eating badly, I'm just being a good host.

Truth: Have you ever fallen off the health and fitness wagon when guests come to town? You take them out to restaurants, and want to enjoy their visit, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your goals. Out-of-town guests have nothing to do with your healthy choices. You'll see some techniques for making those situations easier.

Mistake: I just want to eat with my family.

Truth: Even if your spouse or kids enjoy eating foods that are loaded with fat, sodium and sugar, you can still enjoy spending time with them without giving in to poor eating. You'll see how to get your family in your corner, and even more important, how to adjust your own thought patterns around this issue.

Mistake: There's nothing to eat around the office but junk food.

Truth: By changing your habits and your mindset, you'll see the benefits of bringing your own lunch and healthy snacks to work. It's easy to get busy at work and hit the vending machines. But that's a form of self-sabotage that you can easily avoid with some quick pick-me-up strategies.

Meet Some People Who Developed A Mindset To Fitness

You've seen some strategies this book will teach you. But I want you to see the results that some of my training clients have achieved. They've all learned to eat right and exercise, but the first step in their journey was mastering the right mindset!

Steve"Nick creates an atmosphere of learning and improvement!"

"Nicholas is one if the smartest and most caring trainers on earth. He not only knows everything about improving the physical, he is a dedicated and informed mental and spiritual teacher. His philosophy and point of view create opportunities for his students that are found rarely among the workout specialists. He is dedicated and diligent and it is in this book that Nick creates an atmosphere of learning and improvement. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to become healthier in the head and the body. Trust Nicholas,he is an honest and loving teacher. With respect and friendship"

- Steve Guttenberg

"I lost 88 lbs in 10 months, thanks to Nicholas!"

"I began training with Nicholas in October 2007. Back then I weighed 233 lbs and wore a size 22. Every night I went to bed with swollen ankles and woke up each morning with stiffness in my limbs. I was tired most of the time and had little energy to do more than watch TV.

"Once I began my personal training with Nicholas it wasn't long before I noticed significant changes in both my body and spirit. My energy level increased, my ankles stopped swelling and the morning stiffness was a thing of the past. Overall, I felt really good about myself both physically and emotionally.

"Through Nicholas's support including weight training, nutritional guidance, and emotional coaching I was able to stay focused on my health goals and lose the weight. Now minus 85 lbs I feel better than I have in years. I now weigh 148 lbs and wear a size 8! People have even told me I look 10 years younger. After years of struggling with my weight I have finally found a program that works for me. Thanks Nicholas, you saved my life!

- Helain

"Nicholas taught me lessons I can practice for the rest of my life!

"Nicholas is a consummate fitness professional who takes genuine interest in his clients's progress by providing a total fitness plan for them which includes nutrition to weight training to cardio exercise recommendations that are tailored to your lifestyle. If you follow the guidelines for all three, you will get results. I have been with Nicholas for 12 years. I made a commitment to myself to practice the health tips I have learned for the rest of my life. That is what happens when you see results. Thank you, Nicholas Barrett!"

- Marcy Wade....very happy client since 1997!

Nate"Put on close to 17 pounds of muscle"

"I've been lifting weights for years without making any noticeable gains. But with Nick's nutritional plan combined with the heart pumping workouts, I not only put on close to 17 pounds of muscle, I also lowered my body fat to less than 8% in less than 3 months. The system works, it just takes hard work and determination, but then again, Jason wouldn't allow it any other way."

- Nate

Shannon"I am still losing weight and seeing changes in my body"

"As for Nicholas Barrett, he is fabulous!! I have worked out with trainers in the past and always found that they pushed me so hard in my workouts that I didn't want to go back. Instead of feeling energized after working out, I felt like I just wanted to go to bed, assuming I could find the energy to get back home. Nicholas has somehow mastered the science - I feel energized after a workout, not exhausted. I have never been so sore that I had a hard time functioning the next day, and yet, incredibly, I am still losing weight and seeing changes in my body - especially my arms, shoulders and back. It also helps that he is a nice person, very encouraging and personable, focused on the positive and believing that I can succeed."

- Shannon, Executive

Janet"People are commenting nonstop on how much I've changed"

"The program is working for me, although I thought I wouldn't be able to drop this extra weight. Nicholas Barrett is great! I think the dynamic works really well. He can see when I'm having real problems and adjusts accordingly. He is very caring and motivating at the same time, and I on the whole I think I'm doing well. People are commenting nonstop on how much I've changed, which is great, but I'm still set on continuing... I want to make this body perfect!"

- Janet, Accountant

"I have managed to lose about 15 pounds of FAT and have changed the entire look of my body..."

"Since I started training with Nicholas Barrett back in November of 2001, I have seen a total life change. It has been the most positive thing to happen to my health in all of my 36 years. In the past I would often decide that I need to get into shape and I'd go to the gym but with little focus and no knowledge. Needless to say, I never made any progress. Training with Nicholas and following a very simple diet, I have managed to lose about 15 pounds of FAT and have changed the entire look of my body. Friends and family who have not seen me for a while are SHOCKED at the difference. I wanted to get in better shape to look better and feel better about myself but I have gained more that just that. I sleep much better at night, I have much more energy throughout the day and I am at the point where I really enjoy going to the gym where in the past I used any excuse to miss a workout, now I won't let missing a workout be an option.

"Through Nicholas' patience and with his knowledge, I have learned so much about the human body (MY BODY in particular.) Nicholas is very receptive to MY goals and his training focuses on those goals. That is a nice change from some trainers out there that train their clients the same way no matter what THEY want.

"For anyone out there who is serious enough to take the first step, I can't stress enough how valuable taking the step to contact Nicholas would be for them! His approach to training is serious but with a very human component. It makes all the difference in the world! Thanks Nicholas for getting me started on the road to REAL FITNESS and HEALTH."

- Jeff Razz

"I have never felt better, nor had more energy..."

Mark "I started this program as a 50th birthday present to myself.  When I started 22 weeks ago it was hard.  I had made the commitment to myself to get into shape, but the first day on the program was tough.  From struggling through my first workout to struggling through my first days on the diet I asked myself "are you sure about this?"  But you were there with encouragement and assured me I could do it and it would get better.  In what seemed like no time I had settled into the system, and can look back at that first day and ask "was that really me?"  The graph below shows how fast and how well the regiment worked.  I have been on many diets over the years, but this one has the most consistent weight loss of any I have ever used (you can see there are no plateaus).

"When certain aspects of the diet got difficult (like brown rice) you were there with suggestions (adding salsa -- which made such a huge difference it is something I look forward to eating!) to keep me on track.  Your instructions for dealing with times when I must travel allowed me to stay on track even when I could not prepare my own food.  On the physical side, when I started at the gym I would glimpse some people and say to myself "that is the body I want to have".  Now, I glimpse that body in the mirror, as I can see the transition to well defined chest, arms and legs, and six pack (something I have always wanted).  I have never felt better, nor had more energy.  Though the workouts are hard, I look forward to them - and miss them if traveling.

"As an engineer, I appreciate the science behind both the diet and the workout, and see how the two work together to achieve the ends I am seeking.  This has clearly been the best birthday present I have ever had."


"I've seen amazing results..."

Justin"I've been working with Nick for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Nick is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy and have reached my personal fitness goals quicker than I ever imagined possible. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Nick will make it happen!"

- Justin

As if Changing your life isn't enough...


Lots of your friends and neighbors have paid hundreds of dollars for positive-thinking books, CDs or seminars. Many have probably paid a therapist thousands of dollars, and they're still talking, with no changes in sight!

I spent A LOT of time putting this together instead of personally training hundreds of new clients, so when I first launched the book ,I wanted to charge a premium price of 67$. I thought about it a little more though and it crossed my mind that I should give potential customers a good deal, so I brought it down to 45$. Just before launch I decided to bring the price down to 32$ just so that everyone would think it was such an incredible deal and not be able to pass it up. After finalizing EVERYTHING I sat down and thought again, and decided I REALLY wanted to help people, so once again, I lowered the price to 25$. The price is insane... I honestly don't know what I'm doing giving away some of the best kept secrets in fitness for that amount, but I am, because its not all about money.

Mindset To Fitness isn't some vague, feel-good book. Because I want to show more people specifically how to change their thoughts to improve their bodies, I'm practically GIVING this book away! If you cant spend such a small amount of money to dramatically change your life, this book wouldn't work for you anyway. Like anything in life, fitness starts with a choice. Choose right now to do everything it takes to get healthy and fit, and the perfect place to start is right here with Mindset To Fitness.


Of all the clients I've worked with in the past 17 years, the ones who have been most successful at staying fit have all changed their mindset. And the exciting thing is: It doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process. But you do have to get started! So why waste another minute? Take advantage of this very special offer now, and begin thinking your way to a healthier body!


I want you to be the best you can be. I hope you know that. I wouldn't be in this profession if I didn't. That is the ONLY reason the price would be THIS LOW...but unfortunately, I can't keep it that low forever. I'm practically losing money on every sale. So do yourself a favor and change your life now, while you can do it for only $14.95. I'm here to help!

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Fitness Specialist