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You have probably clicked on this article because you have been training a while and do not seem to be able to get into the shape you desire? It could be abs, you have that little extra covering that prevents you having that ‘washboard’ 8 pack- or just not having attained the shape that turns heads. You’ve tried every diet- read every magazine- tried every exercise fad that is touted as the next miracle solution??? This can go on and on until we are blue in the face!

I have the answer for you, that has come from 20 years of working on my craft ( started training at 15), with the aim of competing as a physique athlete, which i did at a high level. As my journey progressed, it has gathered purpose, hence my zest for learning and growing. I my constant desire to be the best coach, facilitator and motivator, i have consistently  studied nutrition , sports supplementation, and up to the minute training techniques to be able to give the best total tools to get in the shape of your life!

Muscle Building Results

A sufficient intake of protein and gym work should help to create a sleek, toned body, like the fitness competitor Ellie.

My Fat Loss/Burn Program is a proven method to get the fastest possible results, and can be tailored to suit anyone’s goals, from a professional athlete wanting to attain career best shape for optimum performance,a person wanting to get into the shape of their life, a person wanting a Calvin Klein/ Victoria Secret model physique,  to a business person wanting to stay ahead of the hectic pace of their busy corporate schedule, or any person wanting to feel and perform better in everyday life!

My techniques have been learned and developed over many years of truing high level athletes ( see bio). Most athletes are engaged in explosive movements, as opposed to long sustained endurance at a set rate of exertion( heart rate), the type of exercise in most fat loss programs. Look at the average distance runner, they are thin looking, but many have a high fat/ to lean muscle ratio, and are commonly termed ‘skinny fat’.

I have incorporated what i have learned over the years both in practical application and study, that what works for athletes can work for most clients too in getting them to their best shape ever! Check out one of my many information articles on my my website ( Articles section) HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training.


The most up to date fitness research shows:

Gym memberships are at their highest number ever seen, but alas, most people are not in shape? People try to do it themselves, or hire Personal Trainers based on price, with the result that they do not have the knowledge of the latest techniques , or science , or talent = no results! Your body is a Ferrari to you, so hire an expert to work on it.

Research and exercise science has developed at a greater rate than before, and my Fat Loss/Burn program is based on the most up to date information, to give you optimum results in the quickest time possible.

Overdoing it for hours on end on gym cardio equipment is not only counterproductive, but can lead to boredom, and worse still deplete your body and hence cause injury.

With my Fat Loss/Burn program you continue to burn fat long after you have put your time in at the gym, with most conventional programs only burning fat  while you are exercising- see my Article ‘HIIT’ card for fat burn for more detail.

Correct resistance training application will stimulate lean tissue muscle cell rejuvenation, and burn fat. i will use core functional training, therefore stimulating more of your body’s 206 muscles giving you more efficient results in quicker time than the average Personal Trainer’s count from 1 -10, machine to machine approach.

My purpose in life is to impact as many peoples life’s as possible, and as i am in many gyms during my regular work week, can probably say that you are not getting the results you want, as your body is the mirror of what you do with it, and your Personal Trainer is very simply not giving  the stimulus to create what you what to see in the mirror.

As i have gained experience, i have gained expertise and am now in a position to give you the most tried and tested techniques in exercise execution, coupled with the critical factor to the success of any fitness/ fat loss program, advanced clinical nutrition. Please remember that to have what you have never had before, you must do what you have never done before!


My six-week intensive FAT LOSS/BURN PROGRAM includes:

Initial consultation and assessment
The fastest way to burn fat and lose weight is through FAT LOSS/BURN, because it is customized to your own body fat composition and hormonal makeup. Every customer who signs up for me Fat Loss/Burn  program put’s themselves in an unique position to benefit from this exacting plan, as their exercise, nutrition and supplements are tailored to their own unique hormonal profile!

In addition to your current body fat readings, an assessment form on health and fitness is needed, not only to learn the nature of your previous exercise experience and medical history, but also to try to understand exactly how to set-up your fat loss system to work better for your needs. Remember that this an exacting program tailored  to your particular circumstances.

Daryl lost 1% body fat a week for 16 weeks and needed a whole new wardrobe.

An extensive body composition analysis is also computed to estimate the percentage body fat and obtain height / weight / measurements for your body.

Structural and postural balance muscle tests are performed to determine your strengths / weaknesses to assess how to keep your body healthy, and free from injuries

This program, developed by one of the best known of the world’s physical therapists, Gray Cook, consists of a screen of the following tests:

  • Squat Overhead Squat
  • In-line Lunge
  • Active leg raise
  • Seated Rotation

You will also be tested on some resistance exercises to assess important structural balance of the muscles that are important for support, such as the rotator cuff. This is to ensure the long-term integrity of the muscles of your body and soft tissue, keeping them healthy and active, and not in a chiropractors chair!

I have many clients who have transformed their bodies from being in average athletic shape, to one of WOW what happened!

I wasn’t sure what to expect after I signed up for a personal trainer. I’ve heard various points of view on the value and the results. I was sure I didn’t want the “come on, one more rep” type experience, nor did I want the “find your inner strength” Zen type experience. simply put I needed a coach who could interpret my goals and my current state and build out a program for me not refer me to an article in a magazine.That’s just what I got in Nicholas. He proved to be patient yet found ways to motivate and inspire me to get the most out of our sessions. I gained a fond appreciation of the need for balance between lifting, cardio work and a good diet. In short order my training curriculum quickly morphed into a change in lifestyle. Nicholas is a trusted advisor and good friend now. He really took the time to craft the right exercises that would help me achieve results. We reviewed my work and progress weekly and made modifications along the way so I was consistently progressing with out risk of injury or plateau.

The results speak for themselves. I started out at 230lb with a body fat percentage of 18-20. I cut the weight down to 222 and the body fat down to 13 by week 5. At week eight I was at 220lbs and 10.5% body fat. My strength and endurance are both off the chart. I have the chiseled physique. I’m running 5k’s 3-4 times a week. like I said this program is more than a program its a lifestyle change.

Now I have to work with Nicholas on the huge tailor / alteration bill because none of my clothes fit anymore

Nick…You’re the best

I’ve always been an active person, who goes to the gym regularly to lift weights and I’ve also participated in several half and full marathons; however, I’ve always wanted to take my fitness to another level.I started training with Nicholas in January 2011 in order to prepare for my first Figure competition, which had always been a long-time goal of mine. Little did I know at that time, that not only was I meeting an awesome trainer who is very knowledgeable in physical fitness and nutrition, but also someone who is incredibly motivating and spiritual. With his help, along with a lot of hard work and dedication, I took 4th place in my class at my first NPC Figure show in April 2011! It was such an amazing day and with Nicholas as my trainer, the entire journey up to the final competition was an incredible experience. I learned so much and saw awesome results in my physique!

No matter what your goals or what you want to achieve, I highly recommend Nicholas for training, nutrition advice and motivation!!

Kind Regards,
~ Ellie J.


Nutrition Consultation

You are advised to keep a food log of exactly what you eat during a usual week. Therefore a comprehensive  breakdown can be made of your eating habits and positive individual changes to the way you eat, rather than making general statements that may not be specific to you.

My plans for promoting fat loss/burn are made with established blueprints to suit your needs and lifestyle. and not via versa!  As a client you will receive a customized nutritional program that is built around you specific goals, with eating modifications,  giving guidelines for the (6) week program. Why such exacting detail? The answer is straightforward  – i like to say exactly what changes you can expect from a six-week program with me. I do not wish to leave anything to luck.

Depending on your exact goals, i  can set up a comprehensive supplement schedule to cover your needs from the ground up.


Design of fat loss/burn exercise program

Based on information noted from your initial consultation i can then build a fat loss/burn program for  you based on your individual needs. This is a six-week plan designed to improve your conditioning, and will trigger you to burn fat and speed up your metabolism right from the first training session.

I also include the information assessed during your initial consultation and set up a plan that takes into account the structural imbalances  / muscular weaknesses and correcting , balancing and modifying them through correct multifunctional exercise Technics.


Training Sessions

You will train with a Personal Trainer three times a week for six weeks. In addition you will perform 3/4 hours of cardio training  each week.

I  place  close attention to detail in  everything you do, from exercise execution,in constantly monitoring your form, fitness and progress, and Mind Set To Fitness, part of my service as a combination of motivator, facilitator, and role model.


Your Part

I have worked very hard in gaining my reputation,  and will not do anything that doesn’t build on my  reputation as a expert in the field of fat loss. Unlike many personal trainers who take on any client, no matter how shaky their commitment, i am very selective about who a take on as a client, and prefer to work with those that are serious about taking on the challenge.

Dedicate yourself to train with me (3) times per week, and i will dedicate myself to you! There are always legitimate reasons not to exercise, but seldom will there be a day that you cannot find a small amount of time for a period of six weeks in the bigger picture in the journey of life.

Leave the alcohol, wheat and processed foods out of your diet at least for the initial 30 days of your FAT LOSS/BURN program.

Be prepared that you should follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of what makes the operation of  the program successful from food intake to exercise must be exactly as the blueprint. The other 20% can be put down to life’s intangibles.

Give 100% effort with the program and maintain a positive Mind Set To Fitness.  Fat /loss burning is not easy, but if you accept what you need to do with open arms, then you will find it enjoyable, challenging, rewarding and full.

If you are truly ready to make this life change, then FAT LOSS/ BURN is your final and only attempt needed for a NEW YOU.


What to expect from the FAT LOSS/ BURN Program:

  • Significant loss of fat in 14 days
  • Renewed energy and zest for life. You will feel young and alive!
  • Improved skin tone and appearance as a result of  a diet clean and free from toxins.
  •  A firmer and more athletic body shape.
  • Better sleep patterns/ moods/ well being
  • After six weeks, a better self image – you will LIKE YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU SEE WILL MAKE YOU SMILE!!!
  • A WOW what happened look from friends and colleagues!
  • Added expenses as you start to buy a whole new wardrobe!
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